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Castle Potštejn.
Castle Potštejn

While only ruins remain today, Potštejn at one time was one of the largest and most important castles in the country. The castle changed owners many times after its founding in the 13th century. Important...
tel.: 494546812, 494546810, 603416959

494546812 494546810 603416959
Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

Originally the family residence of the Usti nad Labem textile entrepreneur Florian Henrych, which completely exceeds the local average with its representative form from the period of "floral Art Nouveau...
tel.: 465523653

Fort Orlice.
Fort Orlice

The fortress was most likely built at the end of the 13th century. It was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau in the 16th century. After the nobility moved out of Orlice in 1650 to the chateau in Kyšperec...
tel.: 465677731

Brandýs nad Orlicí - natural labyrinth.
Brandýs nad Orlicí - natural labyrinth

Labyrinth created by witch hazels, unique structure neighbouring a momument to the nation's teacher Komensky in the pisturesque valley of the town Brandys nad Orlice.
tel.: 732145114, 603239407

732145114 603239407
New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí.
New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí

The son of Prince Ferdinand, Count Josef Kinský, had this Empire style chateau built in 1829-1833 as the family residence. A reception room and library were built on the elevated ground floor; the first...
tel.: 734709023, 731326423

734709023 731326423
Častolovice Chateau.
Častolovice Chateau

The history of Častolovice Chateau extends back to the 13th century when a water fortress stood in the valley of the confluence of the Bělá and Kněžna Rivers. This fortress was built on massive wooden...
tel.: 494323646, 732832442

494323646 732832442
Kvasiny Chateau.
Kvasiny Chateau

Three-winged Classical chateau built in the late 17th century on the site of a former fortress on a promontory above the river Bela. It is surrounded by a ten hectare park with numerous beautiful and rare...
tel.: 605279150

Potštejn Chateau.
Potštejn Chateau

Perhaps as early as the first half of the 15th century the owners of the Potštejn domain built an aristocratic estate with a fortress to replace the run-down castle on the hill above the small town; the...
tel.: 494546064, 728939028

494546064 728939028
Doudleby nad Orlicí Chateau.
Doudleby nad Orlicí Chateau

The chateau was commissioned by Nicholas the Elder of Bubna. It originally served as a summer residence and was later used as a hunting lodge. What's interesting is that the Bubna family still owns the...
tel.: 494383420, 777888083

494383420 777888083
Hospital Kuks.
Hospital Kuks

In the years 1694-1724 Count František Antonín Špork had a large complex of secular and church buildings constructed with the goal of creating a world-class spa. The stimulus for this project was the local...
tel.: 499692161, 724663535

499692161 724663535
Hugo Koumes - escape game.
Hugo Koumes - escape game

The escape game or exit room is an adventure in real time and space. Your team of 2-5 players has 60 minutes to overcome all obstacles, locks, puzzles and escape to freedom from a locked room. You will...
tel.: 735095577

Hůrka artillery fort.
Hůrka artillery fort

Hurka fort represents one of the pillars of Czechoslovak fortifications from 1935 - 1938. It consists of massive combat building structures in the highest resistance - so-called cabins (walls and roof...
tel.: 606669888

New chateau near Lanškroun.
New chateau near Lanškroun

The chateau was built in the years 1699-1712 by Jan Adam Ondřej of Lichtenstein due to the fact that the smaller chateau in Lanškroun was no longer large enough for his needs. The new chateau had three...
tel.: 776642277

Ratibořice Chateau.
Ratibořice Chateau

Ratibořice is known for the writer Božena Němcová and her work Grandmother, as well as for the Duchess Kateřina Vilemína Zaháňská. The original fortress was rebuilt as a Baroque summer residence. In 1825...
tel.: 491452123

Pardubice brewery.
Pardubice brewery

tel.: 734577207

Museum of Rosice nad Labem.
Museum of Rosice nad Labem

A well-arranged collection of objects documenting railway history, particularly in the Pardubice Region, as well as public transportation in the city of Pardubice. Trips in historic motor vehicles, historic...
tel.: 604926620

Castle Nasavrky.
Castle Nasavrky

A fortress built in the 10th and 11th centuries; around 1600 it was rebuilt as a Renaissance chateau. The façade of the chateau features sgraffito, and the interior holds a beautiful vaulted entrance hall...
tel.: 469677566

Heřmanův Městec - Jewish ghetto, synagogue.
Heřmanův Městec - Jewish ghetto, synagogue

The ghetto was established in the second half of the 17th century, the Jewish settlement dates back to the 15th century. The synagogue from the first half of the 18th century was in 1870 rebuilt in Neo...
tel.: 778888772, 777797141

778888772 777797141
Moravská Třebová Chateau.
Moravská Třebová Chateau

The chateau is located in the centre of the town on the site of the original castle from the 13th century. The structure was underwent substantial reconstruction at the end of the 15th century and in the...
tel.: 461312458, 736681264, 731151784

461312458 736681264 731151784

tel.: 723917675

Svojanov Castle.
Svojanov Castle

The beginning of the history of Svojanov Castle dates to the period of colonization of the remote corners of the lands of the Czech crown. In the 1280’s Přemysl Otakar II had Svojanov Castle built (Fürstenberg...
tel.: 461744124, 739518703, 603810085

461744124 739518703 603810085
Broumov Monastery with Church of St. Adalbert - Benedictine monastery.
Broumov Monastery with Church of St. Adalbert - Benedictine monastery

The Benedictine monastery was established in the 14th century through the reconstruction of the original Gothic castle. K. I. Dienzenhofer gave the building its current, magnificent High-Baroque appearance...
tel.: 491521283, 734443161

491521283 734443161
Church of St. Bartholomew - church and belfry, museum.
Church of St. Bartholomew - church and belfry, museum

The church was built in Early Baroque style. At present it is undergoing reconstruction. Apart from mass, it is used for exhibits, concerts and a permanent exhibit on the local history from 1500-1700....
tel.: 608731830

Dvůr Králové Zoo - zoo & safari.
Dvůr Králové Zoo - zoo & safari

The famous ZOO, known especially for its "safari" with open runs for African ungulates. The ZOO was founded in 1946 and today breeds 300 animal species. Outdoor area for African subungulate and birds,...
tel.: 499329515

Gallery Sofia Antique Hotel Litomyšl.
Gallery Sofia Antique Hotel Litomyšl

The facility hosts year-round exhibitions of art works for sale; these exhibitions are open to both hotel guests and the general public.
tel.: 461613191, 777613191

461613191 777613191
Lichnice (Lichtenburk) - castle ruins.
Lichnice (Lichtenburk) - castle ruins

The founding of the castle dates to 1250 - 1260; in 1410 the castle acquired royal status. In 1610 Lichnice burned down, in 1646 it was captured by the Swedes, and following the Thirty Years War the castle...
tel.: 724179933

Litomyšl Chateau.
Litomyšl Chateau

State Chateau Litomyšl is a rare example of an adaptation of an Italian Renaissance palace for the conditions of transalpine countries. It was built in the 1560-80s by Vratislav of Perstain as a gift for...
tel.: 461615067

Museum of Czechoslovak Fortification from 1935-38 - Infantry cabin K-S 14 "At the brickworks".
Museum of Czechoslovak Fortification from 1935-38 - Infantry cabin K-S 14 "At the brickworks"

The artillery cabin named K-S 14 is a two-winged building on both sides that dates back to 1936. The building's dominant feature comprises two combat casemates and space for mortar support during battle...
tel.: 603297593

Náchod Chateau.
Náchod Chateau

The original Early Gothic castle built above the town around 1254 was reconstructed in a Renaissance and Early Baroque style at the turn of the 17th century. In 1634 Náchod was acquired by O. Piccolomini...
tel.: 491426201

(Nový kostel sboru Církve bratrské).
Seč Chateau.
Seč Chateau

Renaissance chateau built before 1577 with a preserved portal (1610) with the coat-of-arms of the owners Karel Záruba of Hustířan and Anna of Valdštejn, it now houses the municipal office.
tel.: 469676900

The Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Králové.
The Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Králové

The historic building was erected in 1909-1912 according to plan by distinguished Czech architect Jan Kotěra (1871-1923); in 1995 it was declared a national cultural monument.
tel.: 495512391, 495512392

495512391 495512392
Václav Hanák Memorial.
Václav Hanák Memorial

The house is a representative example of half-timbered folk architecture from around 1720. The perpendicular, storeyed additional building standing on four pillars has an interesting design with a longitudinal...
tel.: 495426107, 723035424

495426107 723035424
Krňovice open-air museum in the Podorlice Region.
Krňovice open-air museum in the Podorlice Region

Rural type houses from the Kralove Hradec Region and foothills of the Orlicky Mountains. The buildings have been transferred from their original locations, where they were exposed to the threat of destruction...
tel.: 725838039, 603510169

725838039 603510169
Čertovina Hell.
Čertovina Hell

A three-storey building in the shape of an inverted boat, which extends into the hellish realm to a depth of 12 metres. A maze of tunnels, caves and the dark corners has five floors. In the exhibition...
tel.: 468005005

Celtic archaeology open-air museum.
Celtic archaeology open-air museum

The museum is a reconstructed Celtic "town" of the late Iron Age (2nd-1st century BC). The models for all large buildings (mainly homes) are archaeological findings.
tel.: 606928635

Kunětická hora Castle.
Kunětická hora Castle

Archaeological research dates the original construction to the mid-14th century. The greatest reconstruction was undertaken by the Pernštein family in the years 1491-1548, which resulted in the creation...
tel.: 466415428, 725507500

466415428 725507500
Jirásek's hiking chalet - chalet and lookout tower.
Jirásek's hiking chalet - chalet and lookout tower

The original lodge with a 6 m high observation tower was built as early as 1893. However, the capacity of the lodge was not sufficient and on the 70th birthday of writer Alois Jirásek in 1921 the foundation...
tel.: 725506540

(Minipivovar Veselka).
(Minipivovar Veselka)

tel.: 776887719

Rudník Chateau.
Rudník Chateau

The Pseudo-Gothic chateau Silberstein called the "Little Hluboká" with a restored exterior facade and memorial plaque from 1999 in memory of F. L. Čelakovský's stay here in 1921.
tel.: 499440109, 608168262

499440109 608168262
Automatic mills.
Automatic mills

The first reference of the mill dates back to 1586, a new mill was built later on, which was the property of the Winternitz brotehrs. The mill buildings and silos are registered national technical listed...
tel.: 725369931

Chapel of the Epiphany.
Chapel of the Epiphany

The foundation stone of the church was laid in 1699 and following an interruption caused by the tragic death of the domain owner at the time the church was consecrated in 1711. The design of the church...
tel.: 495809010

Chateau Brewery.
Chateau Brewery

tel.: 777100897

Choltice Chateau.
Choltice Chateau

The first written mention of Choltice dates to 1285 with Beneš of Choltice, one of the leading nobles at the time of King Václav II. Most likely in the second half of the 16th century the fortress was...
tel.: 734257579

Industrial Museum Mladějov.
Industrial Museum Mladějov

The grounds of a former clayworks, exhibits industrial machinery and equipment from the neighbouring narrow-guage track with a space of 600 mm offering an attractive means of transportation during the...
tel.: 604635779, 721546801

604635779 721546801
Loreta municipal museum.
Loreta municipal museum

In place of the originally planned Piarist monastery arose Loreta, a Baroque pilgrimage site. In 1740 a sacred foundation was established at Loreta for the purpose of supporting the Capuchin monk whose...
tel.: 608705051, 723422937

608705051 723422937
Mountain of the Mother of God (Hedeč) with the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary - monastery and place of pilgrimage.
Mountain of the Mother of God (Hedeč) with the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary - monastery and place of pilgrimage

Situated very hign above Králíky town, there is pilgrimage area that is connected with the town by the alley with village chapels. At those times, children walked up this mountain, there were processions...
tel.: 603198318

Museum of Czech Bodywork.
Museum of Czech Bodywork

Old town hall building from the 1430s. Since 1615 there has been a roundhouse in the rear wing of the building. Gothic stone and construction elements such as columns, cross vault have been preserved....
tel.: 601362349

National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem.
National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem

The stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem is probably the oldest stud farm of its kind in the world. Already in 1579, Emperor Rudolf II promoted the stud farm to an Imperial Court and since then it has been...
tel.: 601191580, 774211168

601191580 774211168
Open Air Museum Vysočina - Veselý Kopec.
Open Air Museum Vysočina - Veselý Kopec

Veselý Kopec is a comprehensive set of folk buildings transferred from the Hlinec, Polička, Litomyšl and parts of Chrudim regions. The open-air museum is located about 8 km from Hlinsko and is located...
tel.: 469326415, 469333175

469326415 469333175
Slatiňany Chateau.
Slatiňany Chateau

Originally a Renaissance chateau, it hides five sightseeing tours - Summer residence of the Auerspergs, Whole chateau, You can't stop progress! Chateau garden and Winter tour. Adjacent to the chateau is...
tel.: 469681112

Wenet Farm.
Wenet Farm

Farm with llamas, camels, donkeys, raccoons, birds, ducks, kangaroos and other native and exotic animals. Llamas, camels, donkeys, sheep, ostriches, ponies etc.
tel.: 777699588, 777762305

777699588 777762305
Cafe in the park.
Cafe in the park

A distinctive modern cafe in a historic building within the premises of the Municipal Office. It was designed by Petr Stolín
tel.: 604777646

Nové Hrady Chateau.
Nové Hrady Chateau

A Rococo structure built in 1774-1777 by Count Jean-Antoin Harbuval de Chamaré in the style of French summer residences, frequently referred to as “Little Schönbrunn" or “Czech Versailles.” The grounds...
tel.: 777032520, 469325353

777032520 469325353
A. Hudeček Gallery.
A. Hudeček Gallery

Permanent exhibit of paintings of Czech masters, academic painter Antonín Hudeček and his son Jiří Hudeček.
tel.: 494323911

Capuchin monastery with the church of St. Joseph - Museum of Baroque Sculptures.
Capuchin monastery with the church of St. Joseph - Museum of Baroque Sculptures

Capuchin monastery with the church of St. Joseph, built behind the city walls at the time, in the second half of the 17th century. It lost its purpose after 1947. The adjacent convent became functional...
tel.: 603881004

Charles' Crown Chateau.
Charles' Crown Chateau

The Karlova Koruna Chateau was built as a summer residence in 1721-1723 by Count František Ferdinand Kinský – the highest chancellor and highest gamekeeper in the Czech Kingdom, according to the plan of...
tel.: 737215960

Chateau Chrast.
Chateau Chrast

Following the Thirty Years War the Renaissance chateau served as the summer residence of the Hradec Králové bishops. The adapted chateau courtyard and the museum concert hall (the former chateau chapel...
tel.: 469667194

Giant aquarium.
Giant aquarium

After viewing a remarkable collection of exotic fish skeletons visitors arrive in a rainforest with orchids, bromeliads, and tillandsia in an amazing array of shapes and colours. After the rainforest visitors...
tel.: 495534555

Božena Němcová Museum.
Božena Němcová Museum

Life and work of Bozena Nemcova - 6 exposition halls, Jirinka hall, tradition of Jirinka festivities, picture gallery of Josef Vondracek and Julie Winterova-Mezerova
tel.: 491451285

Evangelical church.
Evangelical church

tel.: 465393534

Evangelical church

tel.: 499803111

Evangelical church.
Evangelical church

tel.: 736666623

Evangelical church.
Evangelical church

tel.: 464609016, 732635695

464609016 732635695
Křivolík establishment - open-air museum and experimental archaeological centre.
Křivolík establishment - open-air museum and experimental archaeological centre

The establishment was built using the procedure of the time, it presents the life of our ancestors to visitors and tests their procedures and technology within the scope of experimental archaeology. It...
tel.: 602504806

Křenov Rectory Museum.
Křenov Rectory Museum

Museum of culture, life and work of a rector in a small town in the 18th and 19th century. Reconstructed "Chinese Salon".
tel.: 461619630, 602509771

461619630 602509771

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