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Online sale of tickets to the Adršpach Rocks as a regulation of traffic


As of April 1, visitors of the Adršpach Rocks will be able to purchase their tour route tickets online. Access to the car parks may also be purchased on the new website. The purchasing of tickets and paying parking fees online will help break up the number of visitors and traffic to the park. Entrance tickets and parking fees may still be paid upon arrival, however, it is possible that all the tickets will be sold out and the car park full. In addition, an international information campaign is underway, which aims to provide new information about the Adršpach Rocks in four languages.

In the past, the Adršpach Rocks suffered from crowds of visitors and the frequent collapse of transportation. The surrounding nature also suffered damage. The goal of this new booking system is to prevent these situations from happening. When buying their tickets and paying parking fees online, visitors can also select the given day and hour of their visit. With this in mind, we expect not only the number of visitors to be broken up throughout the day but also a decrease in traffic-related issues. Starting on April 1, visitors paying for parking online may choose between 3 car parks right at the Adršpach Rocks.

“The new booking system alleviates the number of visitors during the busiest hours, thanks to which visitors can better enjoy their trip and less harm will be caused to the local nature,” stated Kateřina Menšíková, the Tourism Coordinator at the Adršpach Rocks.

How the online ticket sales will work

Visitors will now be able to purchase tickets as well as pay for parking on the new Adršpach Rocks website. When purchasing online, visitors may select the date and time of their visit. Every ticket and parking fee paid online will come with a special QR code, which is used both for providing a simpler proof of purchase in the park and to open the entrance gate to the car park. Payments can safely be made online via the payment gate. Visitors also save money by purchasing their tickets and paying for parking online.

Tickets may still be purchased upon arrival, however, there is the risk they will already be sold out

The current sale of tickets upon arrival will remain in place. However, there is the risk of long wait times in the ticket queue. The number of tickets for the given hour will be limited, and it is possible that the tickets for that hour or even the entire day may be sold out. Thus, visitors without an online ticket will have to wait several hours or even opt to return to the Adršpach Rocks the next day. One of the onsite car parks will be reserved for visitors to pay the parking fee online. For this reason, we recommend visitors pay for parking online, should there be open spaces.

Support for alternative modes of transportation and protecting nature

The new website, which will be launched on April 1, will also focus on raising public awareness towards protecting nature. In addition, the website will motivate visitors to make use of alternative modes of transportation when travelling to the Adršpach Rocks. The options include travel by train, bus, or bike. To this end, we expect an even further decrease in traffic-related issues.

Launching the campaign in four languages

Currently, an international information campaign is underway, which focuses on three fundamental themes. The first theme provides information about the launch of online ticket sales and parking fees to the Adršpach Rocks starting from April 1. The second theme is dedicated to protecting nature. The third focuses on the transportation options to the park and supporting the use of alternative modes of transportation, such as trains, buses, and bikes (the new website will include clear and easy-to-find bike paths). The Adršpach Rocks company (Technické služby Adršpach) will launch this campaign in four languages: Czech, English, German, and Polish.

Contact information:

Kateřina Menšíková, Tourism Coordinator, TS Adršpach s.r.o.

Tel: + 420 603 430 346



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