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Legendary Fifteen in Pardubice again


This year's Aviation Fair, taking place at the Pardubice Airport on June 1stand 2nd, includes a number of legendary aircraft types of world aviation. These include the MiG-15UTI jet aircraft, enriching the static presentation on the Aviation Fair this year.

"Fifteen is one of the most famous types of Soviet production, and is directly related to the Czechoslovak Air Force, and especially to our aviation industry," aviation journalist Petr Kolmann says and continues: „In 1951, just four years after the launch of the prototype in its country of origin, license production in Czechoslovakia was started. Czechoslovak aviation industry managed to produce not only fuselage and wings but demanding license production of complex parts, such as jet engines as well. Almost three and a half thousand MiG 15s were produced in Czechoslovakia, two thousand of which were the two-seat version MiG-15UTI, which will be presented at this year's Aviation Fair. The participation of the well-cared for machine from the Czech Flying Legends Association also fits into a wide variety of training planes, by which the organizers of the Aviation Fair commemorate a centenary of founding of the first military pilot school in Czechoslovakia. Two more anniversaries are associated with he two-seat MiG 15UTI this year. The first prototype of the two-seat version of the legendary Fifteen took off in the Soviet Union exactly seventy years ago, and the first MiG-15UTI from Czechoslovak license production flew sixty-five years ago.

More than five hours of packed flight program will include a number of other interesting aircraft. It will also include a unique and unrepeatable Czech premiere of the Red Bull Air Race, of course there will be a traditionally varied ground program with a diverse range of attractions, children's competitions and demonstrations of veterans, military, police and firefighting equipment. All this and much more at the Aviation Fair, taking place on 1stand 2ndJune at the Pardubice Airport.

source: Press centrum AP


Legendary Fifteen in Pardubice again, source: Press centrum AP Legendary Fifteen in Pardubice again, source: Press centrum AP Legendary Fifteen in Pardubice again, source: Press centrum AP Legendary Fifteen in Pardubice again, source: Press centrum AP

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