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Pardubice premiere


This year's Aviation Fair, taking place on 1st and 2nd of June at the Pardubice Airport, has several premieres in its program. The biggest surprise will be the unique Czech premiere of Red Bull Air Race. Fans of historical aircraft will certainly be pleased by the Pardubice premiere of Yak-11 trainer with a new display pilot.

“We expected the premiere of the restored Yak-11 already last year, but despite the efforts of the operator, state-owned company LOM Praha, the maiden flight did not happen until a week after last year's Aviation Fair, so the Pardubice premiere is waiting for this year's 29th year, ” says aviation journalist Petr Kolmann about the legendary training machine and continues: "The aircraft is of great importance for Czechoslovak aviation, because it was produced in the fifties in Kunovice under a license with designation C-11 in total number of 708 units. Even in comparison with almost four thousand original Yak-11 made

in the Soviet Union, this is a respectable number. Many pilots have been trained on the C-11s, and when they see a beautifully restored airplane belonging to the collections of the Military Historical Institute in Prague, they remember very well their beginnings and nice flying with this powerful training machine. Not only the performance and speed, but also the characteristic sound of a radial engine and unmistakable shape reminiscent of a World War II fighter, make the historic C-11 / Yak-11 a sought-after gem of airshows. ”

“This year, the legendary pilot Vladimír Peroutka retrained the new display pilot, Tomáš Bruštík from Pardubice Aviation Training Center, for the Yak or Jacíček, as he calls it lovingly. So we have a lot to look forward to, because during the rehearsals Tomáš shows that he is getting along with the historical Yak quite well, ”adds Jan Rudzinskyj from the organizational committee of the Aviation Fair.

In addition to other interesting aircraft, a laden ground program with a diverse range of attractions, children's competitions and oldtimer cars demonstrations, military, police and firefighting equipment will be prepared for visitors at the Pardubice Airport on 1st and 2nd of June.

source: Press centrum AP


Pardubice premiere, source: Press centrum AP Pardubice premiere, source: Press centrum AP Pardubice premiere, source: Press centrum AP Pardubice premiere, source: Press centrum AP Pardubice premiere, source: Press centrum AP Pardubice premiere, source: Press centrum AP

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