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Museums Museums.

Lanškroun - chateau and town museum.
Lanškroun - chateau and town museum

The oldest part of the Lanškroun Chateau is the wing adjacent to the Church of St. Wenceslas. This was the eastern wing of the monastery, built by the Augustinians after 1393. The structure was named...
tel.: 465324328

Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

Originally the family residence of the Usti nad Labem textile entrepreneur Florian Henrych, which completely exceeds the local average with its representative form from the period of "floral Art Nouveau...
tel.: 465523653

Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

Permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the town and crafts of the foothills of the Orlicke Mountains, bobbin lace work, history of pharmacy and eminent personalities, for example Vaclav Prokop...
tel.: 465611678, 734839674

465611678 734839674
Dobruška - town hall.
Dobruška - town hall

The most famous building in the city from the 16th century. The capital court was housed here until 1765, then the municipal government. The town hall survived two large fires in the 19th century. The...
tel.: 494629667, 725048991

494629667 725048991
Fort Orlice.
Fort Orlice

The fortress was most likely built at the end of the 13th century. It was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau in the 16th century. After the nobility moved out of Orlice in 1650 to the chateau in Kyšperec...
tel.: 465677731

Olešnice Museum.
Olešnice Museum

Jarmila Lemfeld deserves credit for its creation. The majority of exhibits were donated by locals. In the 1990s the museum was closed and left without maintenance, a larger part of the exhibits were significantly...
tel.: 492601920, 732928374

492601920 732928374
Choceň - museum and chateau.
Choceň - museum and chateau

The Renaissance chateau with ground floor arcade in the courtyard was built in the second half of the 16th century. In 1829 the chateau burned and restorations were conducted in the Classicist style. In...
tel.: 465471624

Dobruška Natural Sciences Museum.
Dobruška Natural Sciences Museum

The tour consists of three parts. The entrance is dedicated to several significant personalities of Dobruška's history. The central part of the exhibition is the Story of Dobruška, telling the history...
tel.: 494629668, 725048991

494629668 725048991
The family house of František Vladislav Hek.
The family house of František Vladislav Hek

The native house of the most popular Dobruš personality, the national revivalist František Vladislav Hek, who was immortalised in the novel "F.L. Věk" by Alois Jirásek. Living room - life and living at...
tel.: 494629668, 725048991

494629668 725048991
Utzův mechanical nativity scene.
Utzův mechanical nativity scene

The mechanical nativity scene with an area of approximately 5 by 2 metres was created on the first floor of the creator's weaving mill; the nativity scene used the drive from the factory. The nativity...
tel.: 492601111, 732928374

492601111 732928374
Rychnov nad Kněžnou - Jewish synagogue - memorial to Karel Poláček.
Rychnov nad Kněžnou - Jewish synagogue - memorial to Karel Poláček

The synagogue was built in 1781 – 82 and in 1830 was adapted in a Classicist style. Today it is used for museum exhibitions. The exhibition of Judaism in the Lower Orlice area provides information about...
tel.: 739019331, 494539027

739019331 494539027
Home of Prokop Diviš.
Home of Prokop Diviš

Permanent exposition of V. P. Divis - a native personality with world-wide fame - is placed in a timbering with a maquette of his famous invention - an earthing lightning rod. The exposition includes a...
tel.: 608427064

City lapidarium.
City lapidarium

The first exhibits in the roofed part were four original statues of saints from the Marian Column. Then others were aded - a statue of St. Lawrence from Pulická street and a statue of St. John of Nepomuk...
tel.: 494629581, 724965051, 773773031

494629581 724965051 773773031
Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

The exhibit brings visitors closer to the Česká Třebová railway junction, aviation attempts of native František Formánek, inventor of the three-wheel cart OS-KAR (later called Velorex) of the Stránský...
tel.: 465322634, 465534516, 465539170

465322634 465534516 465539170
Letohrad Craft Museum.
Letohrad Craft Museum

The Museum is located on the premises of Novy Dvur dating back to 1750. The 2000 m2 area is the largest museum of its type in the CR. It includes more than 50 complete expositions on handicrafts and trades...
tel.: 465622160

New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí - chateau, museum and gallery.
New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí - chateau, museum and gallery

The son of Prince Ferdinand, Count Josef Kinský, had this Empire style chateau built in 1829-1833 as the family residence. A reception room and library were built on the elevated ground floor; the first...
tel.: 734709023, 731326423

734709023 731326423
Museum and Gallery of Orlické Mountains.
Museum and Gallery of Orlické Mountains

The museum documents and brings the public closer to the history and nature of the Eagle Mountains and foothills for more than half a century. Extensive exposition of Czech landscaping in connection with...
tel.: 494534015

Častolovice - chateau.
Častolovice - chateau

The history of Častolovice Chateau extends back to the 13th century when a water fortress stood in the valley of the confluence of the Bělá and Kněžna Rivers. This fortress was built on massive wooden...
tel.: 494323646, 732832442

494323646 732832442
Grange - Museum of the Eagle Mountains.
Grange - Museum of the Eagle Mountains

Former granary from the mid 19th century, which was adapted to a museum exhibition of the Eagle Mountains. Architecturally and functionally interesting design by professionals from the architectural office...
tel.: 491616941, 602526621

491616941 602526621
Doudleby nad Orlicí - chateau.
Doudleby nad Orlicí - chateau

The chateau was commissioned by Nicholas the Elder of Bubna. It originally served as a summer residence and was later used as a hunting lodge. What's interesting is that the Bubna family still owns the...
tel.: 494383420, 777888083

494383420 777888083
Toy museum.
Toy museum

The Toy Museum in Rychnov nad Kněžnou is located directly on Rychnov's square in the former town hall and just the historical premises themselves complete the picture of old times. In three rooms visitors...
tel.: 603193122, 732781228

603193122 732781228
Museum of hiking, winter sports and crafts.
Museum of hiking, winter sports and crafts

Glass making in the Orlické Mts. (for the Middle Ages to the present), domestic textile production (19th century to mid-20th century), hiking and winter sports in the Orlické Mts., exhibit of washers and...
tel.: 494663139, 602936946

494663139 602936946
The Museum of Needlework in Vamberk.
The Museum of Needlework in Vamberk

Permanent exhibition of the development of Czech needlework and needlework industry up to the present time. A short film presents a brief history of lace making to visitors. The museum premises are equipped...
tel.: 494541518

Broumov Monastery with Church of St. Adalbert - Benedictine monastery.
Broumov Monastery with Church of St. Adalbert - Benedictine monastery

The Benedictine monastery was established in the 14th century through the reconstruction of the original Gothic castle. K. I. Dienzenhofer gave the building its current, magnificent High-Baroque appearance...
tel.: 491521283, 734443161

491521283 734443161
City Museum in Skuteč.
City Museum in Skuteč

The City Museum is situated in the house that belonged to the family of the wife of the musical composer Vítězslav Novák, who died on 18.7.1949. Permanent exposition bringing visitors closer to two traditional...
tel.: 469350131

Frič Museum

(opened from 5/1/2020)
Ethnography, natural history (botany, archaeology, zoology, geology), the work of K. V. Rais, and accompanying exhibitions.
tel.: 739629482

Hospital Kuks - chateau.
Hospital Kuks - chateau

In the years 1694-1724 Count František Antonín Špork had a large complex of secular and church buildings constructed with the goal of creating a world-class spa. The stimulus for this project was the local...
tel.: 499692161, 724663535

499692161 724663535
Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

Early classicist construction from 1795-96, with probably an older core (ground floor decorated with cross and tunnel vaulting with sections), spire reportedly added in 1834, in 1840 the clock, made by...
tel.: 465631117

Museum of Czech Bodywork.
Museum of Czech Bodywork

Old town hall building from the 1430s. Since 1615 there has been a roundhouse in the rear wing of the building. Gothic stone and construction elements such as columns, cross vault have been preserved....
tel.: 465466112

Museum of Czechoslovak Fortification from 1935-38 - Infantry cabin K-S 14 "At the brickworks".
Museum of Czechoslovak Fortification from 1935-38 - Infantry cabin K-S 14 "At the brickworks"

The artillery cabin named K-S 14 is a two-winged building on both sides that dates back to 1936. The building's dominant feature comprises two combat casemates and space for mortar support during battle...
tel.: 603297593

Museum of Pipes.
Museum of Pipes

The museum is housed in a historic timbered house on the square. Visitors can see a number of exhibits here, learn interesting facts about the production of pipes and the history of this craft, which is...
tel.: 469319413, 468000265

469319413 468000265
Museum of Rosice nad Labem.
Museum of Rosice nad Labem

A well-arranged collection of objects documenting railway history, particularly in the Pardubice Region, as well as public transportation in the city of Pardubice. Trips in historic motor vehicles, historic...
tel.: 604926620

Nasavrky - museum and chateau.
Nasavrky - museum and chateau

A fortress built in the 10th and 11th centuries; around 1600 it was rebuilt as a Renaissance chateau. The façade of the chateau features sgraffito, and the interior holds a beautiful vaulted entrance hall...
tel.: 469677566

Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum.
Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum

The original fortress likely dates to the 13th century; in the 14th century it was rebuilt as a Gothic castle. The Pernštein family subsequently rebuilt the castle as a Gothic-Renaissance chateau. This...
tel.: 466799240

Portmoneum - museum.
Portmoneum - museum

(opened from 6/1/2020)
Unique murals and carved furniture by Josef Váchal – printmaker, writer, and mystic. Váchal decorated the interior in the 1920’s at the behest of his friend Josef Portman, the Litomyšl bibliophile. The...
tel.: 734541323, 777840425

734541323 777840425
Rentz's Museum.
Rentz's Museum

Reconstructed spa building. Exhibition of the copper engraving works of Sporck's court engraver Heinrich Rentze (1698-1758). The Nuremburger came to Kuks in 1722 and created hundreds of plates and prints...
tel.: 602470459

Museum of Vamberk Lace.
Museum of Vamberk Lace

Video projection about how bobbin lace is made. The history of lace. Use of lace in the 21st century. The guided tour offers the possibility to take a look in the art studio and try bobbin lacemaking personally...
tel.: 728596582

Tourist Information Centre Hlinsko - exposition.
Tourist Information Centre Hlinsko - exposition

A fun exhibit in the attic room of the Tourist Information Centre.
tel.: 731697418

Natura Park - environmental education center.
Natura Park - environmental education center

Natura Park is an environmental visitor, information and education centre dedicated to the education and popularisation of the Natura 2000 protected area. Interactive exhibition dedicated to nature and...
tel.: 466614352

Chrudim Puppetry Museum.
Chrudim Puppetry Museum

The Museum of Puppets in Chrudim was opened in 1972. It is resided in marvelous renaissance building which was built in 1573-1576 by a townsman of Chrudim - Matěj Mydlář. His son Daniel had a little tower...
tel.: 469620310

Krkonoše Museum Jilemnice - Harrach chateau.
Krkonoše Museum Jilemnice - Harrach chateau

The renaissance castle had been burned down during the Thirty-Years War, but was reconstructed again thanks to the House Harrach. Today's neo-renaissance form was gained in 19th century.
tel.: 481543041, 737225429

481543041 737225429
Ležáky - pious site.
Ležáky - pious site

Memorial of the massacre on 24. 6. 1942, when Nazis obliterated the town of Ležáky. Its inhabitants were executed, when Germans uncovered the secret radio transmitter Libuše belonging to the paratroopers...
tel.: 469344179, 739335734

469344179 739335734
Museum of Motorcycles and Toys in Šestajovice at Jaroměř.
Museum of Motorcycles and Toys in Šestajovice at Jaroměř

The granary, which houses an exhibition of toys is the oldest surviving building in the village. Approximately 100 motorcycles of Czech production. Around 90 strollers, many dolls and other toys.
tel.: 774903530

National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem.
National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem

The stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem is probably the oldest stud farm of its kind in the world. Already in 1579, Emperor Rudolf II promoted the stud farm to an Imperial Court and since then it has been...
tel.: 601191580, 774211168

601191580 774211168
Slatiňany - chateau and museum.
Slatiňany - chateau and museum

Originally a Renaissance chateau, it conceals two guided tour routes - the chateau and horse tour. You can enter also a castle tower with views of the surroundings. A stud farm and runs of Old Kladruby...
tel.: 469681112

(Východočeský památník celnictví).
(Východočeský památník celnictví)

Permanent exposition on customs history. You will see here the office of the First Republican Customs Officer, the customs of the customs and financial guards. The exhibition follows the Monument and Exhibition...
tel.: 603297593

Municipal museum Nový Bydžov.
Municipal museum Nový Bydžov

The museum founded in the year 1888 occupies two floors of the art nouveau building of the savings bank in Masaryk Square. Apart from the historical museum exhibition, visitors can see the rich gallery...
tel.: 495493086, 724916940

495493086 724916940
Regional Museum in Litomyšl.
Regional Museum in Litomyšl

The history of Litomyšl from its beginnings to the present day - the remains of medieval and early modern buildings around the so-called Scholastic gate, exhibition of the chateau hill, where through 3D...
tel.: 461615287

Krňovice open-air museum in the Podorlice Region.
Krňovice open-air museum in the Podorlice Region

Rural type houses from the Kralove Hradec Region and foothills of the Orlicky Mountains. The buildings have been transferred from their original locations, where they were exposed to the threat of destruction...
tel.: 725838039, 603510169

725838039 603510169
African Museum of Dr. Emil Holub.
African Museum of Dr. Emil Holub

The first part of the exhibit is located in the worksite of Dr. Emil Holub, including several of his personal items, medals, trophies, and gifts from indigenous chiefs. The second part, the largest, is...
tel.: 466682154, 731658023

466682154 731658023
Baroque grounds Vraclav - St. Nicholas Church.
Baroque grounds Vraclav - St. Nicholas Church

The memorial commemorates the bloody events of the year 1108 when the Přemyslids killed off the Vršovec family in Vraclav (still known as Vratislav at the time). The grounds include the Church of St. Nicholas...
tel.: 461465950

Bystré Mini-museum.
Bystré Mini-museum

With information reaching back to 1723, House No. 137 in Vedřelova Street is among the oldest preserved dwellings in Bystré. Exhibition of Ševcov crafts and folk art
tel.: 737884213

Church of St. Bartholomew - church and belfry, museum.
Church of St. Bartholomew - church and belfry, museum

The church was built in Early Baroque style. At present it is undergoing reconstruction. Apart from mass, it is used for exhibits, concerts and a permanent exhibit on the local history from 1500-1700....
tel.: 608731830

Dřevíček - mill and museum.
Dřevíček - mill and museum

A roller mill equipped in 1925-1939. A francis turbine serves to power all of the equipment. Transfers via pulleys and leather belts. Miller museum familiarising visitors with the work of a miller and...
tel.: 739049450, 491487136

739049450 491487136
Gun Powder bastion - artillery bastion.
Gun Powder bastion - artillery bastion

This bastion stands in the northeastern corner of the town's fortifications. It was built in 1435 and was designed for defence with firearms. It is the youngest component of the town's fortifications....
tel.: 469657821

Hůrka artillery fort.
Hůrka artillery fort

Hurka fort represents one of the pillars of Czechoslovak fortifications from 1935 - 1938. It consists of massive combat building structures in the highest resistance - so-called cabins (walls and roof...
tel.: 606669888

Infantry blockhouse K-S 5 U Potoka.
Infantry blockhouse K-S 5 U Potoka

This infantry cabin is one of the biggest of its kind. In the reconstructed interior you will find an exhibition on the Czechoslovak fortification system. Czechoslovak fortification system and Czechoslovak...
tel.: 775301233, 777027004

775301233 777027004
(Kostel sv. Františka Serafinského).
(Kostel sv. Františka Serafinského)

Early Baroque building built by Wolfgang Dienzenhofer according to the plans of the Prague architect, Martin Reiner. The monastery pharmacy was located on the ground floor of the convent. In 1728, a hospital...
tel.: 499524239, 499329096

499524239 499329096
Moravská Třebová - chateau.
Moravská Třebová - chateau

The chateau is located in the centre of the town on the site of the original castle from the 13th century. The structure was underwent substantial reconstruction at the end of the 15th century and in the...
tel.: 461312458, 733787998, 731151784

461312458 733787998 731151784
Museum of Častolovice region.
Museum of Častolovice region

Exhibit mapping the history and present of the town Častolovice - significant persons, historical materials, tradesmen andbuildings that no longer exist. There is a corner establisted by the principke...
tel.: 724178772

Museum of dollhouses, dolls and prams.
Museum of dollhouses, dolls and prams

Museum is located in old city house in Jiráskova street right in front of Castle brewery and old horse riding house which makes it a part of UNESCO place. Dolls from 1850 to the present together with their...
tel.: 734802946

Museum of Magic.
Museum of Magic

Exhibition of old magic aids and props from around the world. The history of magic from 1820 to the present.
tel.: 739337383

Museum of Paper Models.
Museum of Paper Models

The Museum of paper models was opened in 2012 in Police nad Metují and became the second oldest museum of paper models in the world. Apart from small private museums, with more than 1,200 exhibits it is...
tel.: 777828657

Regional Museum in Chrudim.
Regional Museum in Chrudim

The Chrudim Regional Museum is housed in a Neo-Renaissance building constructed in 1898 in the city center. Founded in 1892 as an Industrial museum for Eastern Bohemia, the museum has a vast collection...
tel.: 469620330

The Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Králové.
The Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Králové

The historic building was erected in 1909-1912 according to plan by distinguished Czech architect Jan Kotěra (1871-1923); in 1995 it was declared a national cultural monument.
tel.: 495512391, 495512392

495512391 495512392
Václav Hanák Memorial.
Václav Hanák Memorial

The house is a representative example of half-timbered folk architecture from around 1720. The perpendicular, storeyed additional building standing on four pillars has an interesting design with a longitudinal...
tel.: 495426107, 723035424

495426107 723035424
Hamzova Professional Treatment Centre for Children and Adults.
Hamzova Professional Treatment Centre for Children and Adults

The park was established by Professor František Hamza MD in the first decade of the 20th century. The Forest Park is mainly used for the therapy of clients of the medical institution. There are exotic...
tel.: 469648147

House made from blue stone - museum.
House made from blue stone - museum

The museum of peasant households, tools, farming equipment in the building of the half-timbered and reconstructed barn. The hiking trail leading through the premises familiarizes visitors with folk architecture...
tel.: 739257170

Paleta Ecocenter.
Paleta Ecocenter

Samples of environmentally-friendly technologies. Two museum exhibits - living, agriculture. Live animals.
tel.: 469813462, 731572619

469813462 731572619
Museum of Moravská Třebová.
Museum of Moravská Třebová

Homeland study type of museum. What is unique is the non-European collection containing Ancient Egyptian monuments. The museum was established in the 1970s. It is housed in a building originally built...
tel.: 461544285

Švýcárna - museum.
Švýcárna - museum

Old noble farm buildings near the Slatiňany stud farm called Švýcárna, where Josef Kemr lived as the stableman in retirement in the popular TV series Dobrá Voda. Documents and exhibits map the breeding...
tel.: 725174501

The artillery stronghold of Bouda.
The artillery stronghold of Bouda

Building from 1935-1938 is the most preserved building of its kind in the Czech Republic. It comprises of five battle buildings of the highest degree of resistence (walls and ceiling panels are 350 cm...
tel.: 777647114

The Museum of Bethlehems in Třebechovice.
The Museum of Bethlehems in Třebechovice

Třebechovice Probošt bethlehem is one of the most valuable and admired duomo in Bohemia as well as in the world - it is a mechanic wooden duomo that is 7 m long, 3 m deep and 2 m high. Apart from this...
tel.: 720986930

The Regional museum in Vysoké Mýto.
The Regional museum in Vysoké Mýto

The beginnings of the museum in Vysoké Mýto reach as far back as the 19th century and are associated with the personality Karlouš Richter, an educated miller from Sárovka, councilor and chronicler of Vysoké...
tel.: 465461950

Berl's Lime Factory - Závratec Lime Factory.
Berl's Lime Factory - Závratec Lime Factory

The lime works previously served to process raw materials mined in nearby Prachovnice, from where they were transported by an approximately 5 km long basket cableway. Following the Second World War production...
tel.: 461105405, 469611135

461105405 469611135
Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička - museum.
Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička - museum

Historical building, which served as a burgess boys school, it was already at the turn of the century even attended by the most famous native of Polička, later the world famous musical composer, Bohuslav...
tel.: 461723855

City Picture Gallery.
City Picture Gallery

The current permanent exhibition presents the highest quality and most interesting works from the gallery’s collections, and recalls most of the important patrons and historical events related to the Litomyšl...
tel.: 737633150

Green gate.
Green gate

Renaissance gate with façade featuring a relief by Mikoláš Aleš depicting the Lords of Pardubice. The tower is 60 metres tall and provides a magnificent view of the town monument zone, the chateau, and...
tel.: 734783596

Hlnisko City Museum - museum, former synagogue.
Hlnisko City Museum - museum, former synagogue

A synagogue from 1907 built in the Empire style (ironically following the demise of the Jewish community). The final worship services were held here in 1925; afterwards the synagogue was adapted into a...
tel.: 469311267

(Hora Matky Boží (Hedeč) s kostelem Nanebevzetí Panny Marie) - monastery and place of pilgrimage.
(Hora Matky Boží (Hedeč) s kostelem Nanebevzetí Panny Marie) - monastery and place of pilgrimage

Situated very hign above Králíky town, there is pilgrimage area that is connected with the town by the alley with village chapels. At those times, children walked up this mountain, there were processions...
tel.: 603198318

Industrial Museum Mladějov.
Industrial Museum Mladějov

The grounds of a former clayworks, exhibits industrial machinery and equipment from the neighbouring narrow-guage track with a space of 600 mm offering an attractive means of transportation during the...
tel.: 604635779, 721546801

604635779 721546801
Josefov Fortress.
Josefov Fortress

Josefov Fort, which hides labyrinth of underground corridors of the length of 45 km, was built from 1780 to 1787 at the instance of emperor Joseph II and was to serve as protection of provincial frontiers...
tel.: 491812343

Kahan III - Cold War Museum.
Kahan III - Cold War Museum

An object of the former pre-war fortification system, rebuilt for new warfare methods and research by the army, the Ministry of the Interior, and the needs of the State Secret Security. Reconstruction...
tel.: 776211991

Košumberk - castle ruins and chateau.
Košumberk - castle ruins and chateau

The castle is first mentioned in 1318 and following a fire in 1573 was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. In the second half of the 16th century a Czech Brotherhood school was founded at Košumberk to educate...
tel.: 736481206

Loreta municipal museum.
Loreta municipal museum

In place of the originally planned Piarist monastery arose Loreta, a Baroque pilgrimage site. In 1740 a sacred foundation was established at Loreta for the purpose of supporting the Capuchin monk whose...
tel.: 608705051, 723422937

608705051 723422937
Masaryk's Independence Tower - museum with observation tower.
Masaryk's Independence Tower - museum with observation tower

The building is located above the town on the Hořický Chlum ridge. The foundation stone was set on 10 June 1926 in the presence of the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic, T. G. Masaryk. The project...
tel.: 493624497

Memorial Hall of Václav Jan Tomášek.
Memorial Hall of Václav Jan Tomášek

Commemorative hall in the birth place of Václav Jan Tomášek, the most important Czech musical composer and teacher of the pre-Smetana period (1st half of the 19th century). Documents about the life and...
tel.: 469350131

Military museum Králíky.
Military museum Králíky

The museum is situated directly in the middle of an extensive and extremely massively built zone of the Czechoslovak defence fortifications in 1935-1938. Located in the immediate vicinity are a large...
tel.: 608478732, 604407901

608478732 604407901
Military museum Lichkov.
Military museum Lichkov

A museum in two separate infantry bunkers, K-S 32 “At the Corner” and K-S 31 "U Besídky" . It is an independent two-bell object of the 2nd class resistivity built in 1936 with exhibition dedicated to Czechoslovak...
tel.: 732140641

Museum of Magic - museum and fairytale maze.
Museum of Magic - museum and fairytale maze

Exposition focused on history and acquainting visitors with magic in the form of theatre as entertainment for visitors. Czech principals, photographs from preformances, historical posters and props.
tel.: 603794832, 777137530

603794832 777137530
(Muzeum českého amatérského divadla).
(Muzeum v přírodě Vysočina - Hlinsko-Betlém).
(Muzeum v přírodě Vysočina - Hlinsko-Betlém)

The extraordinary collection of mainly timber homes dates to the second half of the 18th century. The exposition shows the life style of some of urban population (craftsmen, workers).
tel.: 469311429, 469326415

469311429 469326415
(Muzeum v přírodě Vysočina - Veselý Kopec).
(Muzeum v přírodě Vysočina - Veselý Kopec)

Timber settlements are freely scattered in the original countryside and were brought here from the area of Žďárské vrchy and Železné hory. The exposition shows the life style of peasants from the half...
tel.: 469326415, 469333175

469326415 469333175
Vysoký Kámen Museum - Czechoslovak fortification.
Vysoký Kámen Museum - Czechoslovak fortification

Cezchoslovak fortification buildings from 1936-1938 and their subsequent post-war reactivation. You can see a heavyweight fortification building, the K - S25, furthermore three lightweight fortification...
tel.: 724333769

Výtopna Jaroměř Railway Museum.
Výtopna Jaroměř Railway Museum

A permanent exhibit of railway cars and equipment, particularly steam locomotives. The exhibit includes the oldest working steam locomotive from 1873, a unique cog locomotive from 1901, a Ringhoffer electric...
tel.: 731489411, 728042999

731489411 728042999
Nové Hrady - chateau.
Nové Hrady - chateau

A Rococo structure built in 1774-1777 by Count Jean-Antoin Harbuval de Chamaré in the style of French summer residences, frequently referred to as “Little Schönbrunn" or “Czech Versailles.” The grounds...
tel.: 469325353

Capuchin monastery with the church of St. Joseph - Museum of Baroque Sculptures.
Capuchin monastery with the church of St. Joseph - Museum of Baroque Sculptures

Capuchin monastery with the church of St. Joseph, built behind the city walls at the time, in the second half of the 17th century. It lost its purpose after 1947. The adjacent convent became functional...
tel.: 603881004

Choltice - chateau, museum exhibit, and Chapel of St. Romedio.
Choltice - chateau, museum exhibit, and Chapel of St. Romedio

The first written mention of Choltice dates to 1285 with Beneš of Choltice, one of the leading nobles at the time of King Václav II. Most likely in the second half of the 16th century the fortress was...
tel.: 734257579

Chrast - town museum, chateau.
Chrast - town museum, chateau

Following the Thirty Years War the Renaissance chateau served as the summer residence of the Hradec Králové bishops. The adapted chateau courtyard and the museum concert hall (the former chateau chapel...
tel.: 469667194

Church of the Congregation of Father Ambrose.
Church of the Congregation of Father Ambrose

The compositional design on an triangular plot between three streets was created by Goćár in 1925. The church is in the shape of a ship or cruise liner and fits into the urban surroundings well. The entire...
tel.: 495436455, 734300460

495436455 734300460
Exhibit on the production of iron.
Exhibit on the production of iron

Exhibit of collections of products, which were manufactured by the company J. Porkert in Skuhrova nad Bělou. The exhibits include piano frames, various mouldings and the first robot ever made in Europe...
tel.: 494598248

Miletín - chateau and museum.
Miletín - chateau and museum

Originally a royal water castle mentioned as early as 1125, later a fortress in 1693-1703, reconstructed into an Early Baroque chateau; following a fire in 1846 the chateau was rebuilt in the Late Empire...
tel.: 737308469

Military geography permanent exhibition.
Military geography permanent exhibition

The unique exposition gives visitors the opportunity to look not only into the development of military geography of used instruments, aids, mapmaking, troops security, but also introduces them to several...
tel.: 494629668

Municipal museum and gallery in Svitavy.
Municipal museum and gallery in Svitavy

The building was built in 1892 as the family residence of mayor Johan Budig. A museum has been housed here since 1947. In the 1970s, the left wing was added, in 1997-2000 an attic superstructure was added...
tel.: 461532704, 777247437

461532704 777247437
Municipal museum in Nové Město nad Metují.
Municipal museum in Nové Město nad Metují

The town museum is housed in a 16th century building that was part of the castle fortifications. Restored Baroque pharmacy from the monstery church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary built in 1750. Burgher...
tel.: 491472119

Odolov - infantry cabin T-S 26.
Odolov - infantry cabin T-S 26

A structure of the former Czechoslovak defence fortifications from 1935-1938, built in 1938 as part of the Odolovský fortification barrier. The object concerns a two-story, double-sided structure whose...
tel.: 607946032, 606152792

607946032 606152792
Permanent exposition of town history.
Permanent exposition of town history

History of the town – native Petr Figulus Jablonský (co-worker and son-in-law of J. A. Comenius), objects from farmstead, household, club activities, and the life of citizens in the 19th and 20th century...
tel.: 465641371

Town house no. 55.
Town house no. 55

Ground floor double-winged building from the 18th century with a permanent exhibition called Opočno in the mirror of time. The exhibition introduces some important moments in the history of the city, with...

Under the Hat interactive museum of smart entertainment

Permanent and temporary exhibitions with accompanying programs focused on sensory perception, wonders of natural phenomena, ingenuity of various inventions, creative work but also mainly on games.
tel.: 606817607

Ottendorfer´s House - Museum of Esperanto.
Ottendorfer´s House - Museum of Esperanto

Historical building – Ottendorfer’s House, built as a public library and study hall with a concert hall. It was built by a citizen of New York, the patron Svitav and famous native Valentin Oswald Ottendorfer...
tel.: 604377616

Archeological Park of Prehistoric Times.
Archeological Park of Prehistoric Times

The archaeological park complex, which offers visitors a unique exhibit on prehistoric times with illustrations of customs, crafts and habits of the time.
tel.: 731541960

Barunka's school - museum.
Barunka's school - museum

A class-room set up according to B. Nemcova's stories ("Grandmother", Mister Teacher), exposition dedicated to war events of 1866 and history of the town, a little room of a teacher.
tel.: 491451285

Božena Němcová Museum.
Božena Němcová Museum

Life and work of Bozena Nemcova - 6 exposition halls, Jirinka hall, tradition of Jirinka festivities, picture gallery of Josef Vondracek and Julie Winterova-Mezerova
tel.: 491451285

Božena Němcová's house.
Božena Němcová's house

The Merchant's House of Augustina Hulka, in which the future writer and her husband rented a flat in 1837. In 1912 a memorial plaque was unveiled on the house reminding us of the month which Božena Němcová...
tel.: 491461776, 778066919

491461776 778066919
Broumov Brewery.
Broumov Brewery

A monasterial and bourgeois brewery once operated in Broumov. A fire struck the monastery in 1664. In the 18th century, the church moved the brewery to a place where it still stands to this day. Today...
tel.: 491523779, 607107203, 602642672

491523779 607107203 602642672
Chlumecká garden railway - model railway, museum and educational trail.
Chlumecká garden railway - model railway, museum and educational trail

Garden railway offers a total of 5 railway track gaugings (32, 45, 143,5, 250, 600 mm). Visitors can also take a walk along the trail which acquaints them with the Čiernohronska railway. Museum by the...
tel.: 725204879

Exhibition Hall of Water Sources.
Exhibition Hall of Water Sources

A collection of primary rock and minerals, the Chrudim regional petrographic collection
tel.: 469637101

Fire brigade.
Fire brigade

The fire station was built in 1880 and served the fire brigade until 1980. Today it serves as a fire brigade. Hanz Flader fire engine, production year 1933 and Tatra T 805 fire vehicle from 1970.

Fire Brigade Museum.
Fire Brigade Museum

Fire fighting technology and equipment for fire fighters from 1820 to the present.
tel.: 603309331

Fortification building K – S 8 U nádraží.
Fortification building K – S 8 U nádraží

On both sides heavy border fortification building from 1936. Its main military task was to create a barrage in the direction of the neighbouring buildings and to direct firing from the armoured copula...
tel.: 604507520, 604630470

604507520 604630470
František Škroup Memorial.
František Škroup Memorial

A rectory in the village of Osice houses a memorial hall of František Škroup, composer of the Czech anthem. The hall with frescos contains an exhibit on the life of local native František Škroup.
tel.: 495451823

Horní Branná - chateau and Jan Amos Komenský Memorial.
Horní Branná - chateau and Jan Amos Komenský Memorial

The palace in Horni Branna was founded by Zdenek of Valdstejn and completed by his wife, Marie of Martinice, in 1582. At that time the palace was an opulent building with two storeys, a turret on the roof...
tel.: 481584178

House on the Choir.
House on the Choir

One of the historic founding sites of the Brethren of Unity in 1457. Exhibit on the founding and history of the Unity of the Bretheren
tel.: 465619168, 465619160

465619168 465619160
Jan Amos Komenský Memorial Hall.
Jan Amos Komenský Memorial Hall

The life and work of J. A. Comenius, with an emphasis on his stay in Brandýs nad Orlicí and his works created here.
tel.: 465544211

Janská Chapel - chapel and museum.
Janská Chapel - chapel and museum

Jan Mořic Dreyschock had the chapel built on Jansky Hill. In 1782 Emperor Joseph II ordered it to stop being used and it was sold. It was reopened in 1811. The surroundings of the chapel became a military...

Josefov Museum.
Josefov Museum

Located on the 1st floor of the former Josefov town hall built in 1883 – 1884. The most beautiful room in the pseudo-Renaissance building is the auditorium with rich stucco ornamentation. The exposition...

Lukavice - chateau.
Lukavice - chateau

Former mining office. Reconstructed Baroque chateau from the second half of the 18th century, which serves for community purposes. History of pyrite extraction in Lukavice.
tel.: 469670151

Max Švabinský's cottage - museum.
Max Švabinský's cottage - museum

The cottage is named after the famous Czech painter Max Švabinský, who stayed here in the years 1895-1919. The beautiful mountain landscape inpsired the artist, and his most famous works were created in...
tel.: 465534516

Memorial to Jarmila Haldová and district of Sedloňov.
Memorial to Jarmila Haldová and district of Sedloňov

Permanent exhibition of the expressive wood carver and visual artist Jarmila Haldová, cultural traditions and personages who were born, lived or still live in Sedloňov.
tel.: 494660345, 724179126

494660345 724179126
Municipal museum in Jaroměř.
Municipal museum in Jaroměř

The building of the town museum, previously the A. Wenke and Son department store, was constructed in 1910-1911 according to the design by Josef Gočár. The building has historical landmark status due to...
tel.: 608976498

Museum of the Doudleby - Vamberk - Rokytnice Track.
Museum of the Doudleby - Vamberk - Rokytnice Track

Railway line Doubleby - Vamberk - Rokytnice. History of railways in the region. Steam engine 328.011, paintings and documents on the history of the line. Special equipment used to secure trains on mountain...
tel.: 494595326, 736752200, 491616995

494595326 736752200 491616995
Museum of the Náchod Region.
Museum of the Náchod Region

The exhibit “The History of Náchod and the Náchod Region” captures the period from the Early Palaeolithic to the present. The display also includes 7 dioramas, currently with 21 life-size figures showing...
tel.: 491423248, 724156909

491423248 724156909
Old school "Dřevěnka".
Old school "Dřevěnka"

An original timber Baroque single-story building with a shingled mansard roof. The school was built in 1785 and continued in operation until 1857. The school now holds a reconstructed period classroom...
tel.: 491423248, 604875685

491423248 604875685
Old toys at Ladinka.
Old toys at Ladinka

Toys from the period of Czechoslovakia are located in three exhibitions. You will find cars, tractors, toy soldiers, dolls, animals, airplanes, boats, games and kits. There are also locomotives from Czechoslovakia...
tel.: 604895343

Petrof - factory and museum.
Petrof - factory and museum

Traditional manufacturer of pianos in Europe. It was founded by Antonin Petrof in 1854 in Hradec Kralove. He managed to build a thriving factory exporting pianos and grand pianos all around the world....
tel.: 725753882

Police nad Metují - monastery and Museum of the town Police nad Metují.
Police nad Metují - monastery and Museum of the town Police nad Metují

The monastery was founded at the beginning of the 13th century by Benedictine monks. The current Baroque appearance of the building dates to 1770. Part of the monastery complex is the Church of the Assumption...
tel.: 491423248, 739811074

491423248 739811074
Stuchlík's Toy Museum.
Stuchlík's Toy Museum

In six rooms, the exhibition is divided into several thematic areas. In the oldest toys section you will find a unique collection of antique porcelain dolls from the years 1870 to 1920. The collection...
tel.: 608985477

The first private museum of Czech electric guitars in the Czech Republic.
The first private museum of Czech electric guitars in the Czech Republic

Electric guitars of Czech production (Resonet, Neoton, Jolana, etc.) from the beginning of 1954 until the end of 1992. The collection contains more than 200 examples of these guitars, and maps their production...
tel.: 603572687

Water tower.
Water tower

Tower water reservoir with volume of 200 m3 and the approximate height of 35 m, is out of operation and the building now serves as a seasonal museum and gallery
tel.: 603450213, 602144832

603450213 602144832
Žamberk - Jewish cemetery.
Žamberk - Jewish cemetery

The cemetery was likely established in the 17th century. A total of 230 tombstones from the years 1731-1941 have been preserved. During the Nazi occupation the cemetery was demolished. Total reconstruction...
tel.: 465611678

The Gingerbread Cabin - museum of gingerbread and fairy-tales.
The Gingerbread Cabin - museum of gingerbread and fairy-tales

The museum is situated in the building of the former Hunting-Lodge (from 1882) where, among others, there is a seat of the Office of the Administration of Pernik district office. The history of Pardubice...
tel.: 466612474, 602413134

466612474 602413134
Dragon Theatre Labyrinth - labyrinth of marionettes and theatre laboratory.
Dragon Theatre Labyrinth - labyrinth of marionettes and theatre laboratory

The labyrinth of marionettes, which is derived from the famous staging of the Dragon Theatre. Creative workshops, which enable visitors to experience the process of creating a theatre performance, to try...
tel.: 495514721, 776192666

495514721 776192666
Information centre of Renewable Sources and hydroelectric power plant Hučák.
Information centre of Renewable Sources and hydroelectric power plant Hučák

Art Nouveau building of the small hydro power plant Hucak on the Elbe River. The city council of Hradec Kralove decided to construct it in 1908. The principles and possibilities of using sources of energy...
tel.: 492 122 660, 725 781 564, 725 781 565

492 122 660 725 781 564 725 781 565
Křenov Rectory Museum.
Křenov Rectory Museum

Museum of culture, life and work of a rector in a small town in the 18th and 19th century. Reconstructed "Chinese Salon".
tel.: 461619630, 602509771

461619630 602509771
Alois Jirásek Museum – Hronov.
Alois Jirásek Museum – Hronov

Newly renovated exposition dedicated to important Hronov natives
tel.: 491483538, 491423248

491483538 491423248
Alois Jirásek's parental home.
Alois Jirásek's parental home

The writer spent his childhood in the small house and returned home on school holidays. The house also witnessed his first literary success. The house is a timber building from the 18th century with baking...
tel.: 491483538

Bedřich Smetana's parental home.
Bedřich Smetana's parental home

A stylized flat from the childhood of Bedrich Smetana.
tel.: 461616723, 461615287

461616723 461615287
Čapek Brothers Museum

Exposition of the life and work of Karel and Josef Capek, picture gallery of Josef Capek.
tel.: 499886295, 499886341, 705103264

499886295 499886341 705103264
Czech Pharmaceutical Museum.
Czech Pharmaceutical Museum

Pharmaceutical industry of the 17th, 18th and half of the 20th centuries, space and quad bin with medicine, pharmaceutical fields.
tel.: 495067580

Doll Museum - museum.
Doll Museum - museum

Panenkárium - Doll Museum - presents a wide range of types of historical dolls of porcelain, celluloid, textile and paper cut-out dolls. Attention is also paid to a popular walking talking dolls and...
tel.: 702078950

Dolní Čermná Town Museum.
Dolní Čermná Town Museum

Zoological collections, hunting trophies, farming and craft tools, folk furniture, old textbooks, dishes and objects of daily life, local natives.
tel.: 465393174, 731070397

465393174 731070397
Fairytale house.
Fairytale house

Exhibition of elves, water sprites, Hags and other fairy creatures.
tel.: 776255955

Fire brigade museum.
Fire brigade museum

Extensive collections of historical and contemporary firefighting artifacts such as helmets, axes, hoses, uniforms and more.
tel.: 723376827

Gardening Museum.
Gardening Museum

Development of the fruit, flower and vegetable business, establishment and development of the gardening movement in Bohemia and Moravia.
tel.: 722730765

Homeland studies museum of the town Vysoké nad Jizerou and its surroundings.
Homeland studies museum of the town Vysoké nad Jizerou and its surroundings

The evolution of skis in Vysocka. Amateur theatre fom 1786. Painted furniture and various semblences of Krakonoš. Medieval and Early Modern history of the Nístějky and Navarova castle estate. Farming equipment...
tel.: 481593118

Iron Mts. National Geopark exhibit.
Iron Mts. National Geopark exhibit

The outdoor exhibition of the National Geoparl of the Iron Mountains is situated on a hill near the road between Zbožnov and Štěpánov, where there is a beautiful view of the valley of Anensky stream and...

Julie W. Mezerová municipal museum and gallery.
Julie W. Mezerová municipal museum and gallery

Gallery of Julie W. Mezorova, history of the town, Upice countryside, show-room
tel.: 499882143, 603370572

499882143 603370572
K. V. Rais Memorial

The monument was rebuilt from an Empire style winter orangery in 1959 on the 100th anniversary of the birth of famous native Karel Václav. The life and works of K. V. Rais and the history of Belohrad.
tel.: 739629482

Memorial to Karel Plachetka.
Memorial to Karel Plachetka

Monument of ornithologist Karel Plachetka - 255 kinds of birds, more than 700 pieces
tel.: 494534450

Memorial to Marie and Vojtěch Sedláček.
Memorial to Marie and Vojtěch Sedláček

Images, lace work or designs for lace motifs.
tel.: 720629718

Merkur Erector Set Museum.
Merkur Erector Set Museum

On display at the museum are the enormous “Iron City,” the largest Merkur construction from 1920, a large “O” gauge Merku train layout, and a large number of historic and contemporary displays. The exhibits...
tel.: 491541262

Military School Museum

The museum is located in four rooms. The galleries are thematically linked to each other and are designed in time sequence from the creation of the military school, through World War II until the present...
tel.: 973274341

Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

Expositions show the history of the town since its foundation in 1945, model of the town in the 17th century, silver municipal sealers from the 16th and 17th centuries, style equipment of Podkrkonose cottage...
tel.: 499623800, 603295389

499623800 603295389
Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

A collection of archaeological, porcelain, faience, and pewter dishes, guilds and crafts in Jevíčko, history, personalities, and culture of Malé Hané, the story of the Jewish quarter in Jevíčko, the beauty...
tel.: 605531067

Museum exposition of communications and security technology.
Museum exposition of communications and security technology

Unique on a global scale, the collection presents railway communication and safety equipment from the beginning of railroads through the 20th century (operated with the country). Many of the exhibits are...
tel.: 972341035

Museum of curiosities and photography.
Museum of curiosities and photography

A collection of 2,300 tin boxes and photographs from various countries, the lace of our grandmothers, a coral garden, and additional technical and other curiosities and antiques.
tel.: 461721847, 608410287

461721847 608410287
Museum of Podkrkonoší Region.
Museum of Podkrkonoší Region

The battle at Trutnov in 1866 - weapons, accessories, archival documents, oil paintings, art work. Treasures from the past (the depository is accessible) - artistic - historical and folk furniture, glass...
tel.: 499811897

Museum of Typewriters.
Museum of Typewriters

tel.: 606620494, 606159615

606620494 606159615
Permanent exposition of historical radios.
Permanent exposition of historical radios

Samples from the collection of Karel Humboldt beginning from the crystal receiver from 1927 all the way to the semiconductor battery receivers from 1958. Presented together with radios and components characteristic...
tel.: 465500300

Pod Jasanem House - weaving museum.
Pod Jasanem House - weaving museum

The times of our ancestors can be experienced in this house on the outskirts of Trutnov. You can try for yourself how to work linen, prepare yarn, weave cloth on the ready-to-use exhibits, just like in...
tel.: 736275025

Přelouč City Museum

The permanent panel exhibition presents the ancestors, the family and the life of František Filipovský.
tel.: 731697085

Village Museum.
Village Museum

tel.: 732537681

Village Museum.
Village Museum

A small museum with a permanent exhibition about the history and life in the villages around the Seč dam.
tel.: 602624622

Zderazský little house - museum.
Zderazský little house - museum

Exhibition hall of the municipality Zderaz, its history and present. The current exposition may also be a tour of residential sandstone cellars.
tel.: 469811741, 607115384

469811741 607115384
Parental home of Karel Jaromír Erben.
Parental home of Karel Jaromír Erben

The birth house of Karel Jaromír Erben with a display of objects related to his birth and creative work.
tel.: 739461994

Šrámek's estate.
Šrámek's estate

Premises of original folk architecture with rare wooden structures. It includes a two-storey timbered building. A barn was added in 1814. Exhibition on the way of country living at the beginning of the...
tel.: 495512542, 606722443

495512542 606722443
Coffee roast - roaster and mini-museum.
Coffee roast - roaster and mini-museum

Frolík's coffee is a popular brand for all connoisseurs and coffee lovers. This brand has been building its strong position among the finest quality Czech coffee producers since 1992. In the shop you can...
tel.: 494381336, 602405593

494381336 602405593
Memorial to 1866 battle at Chlum - war museum, iron lookout tower.
Memorial to 1866 battle at Chlum - war museum, iron lookout tower

A war museum was built on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the battle in the middle of the battlefield on the top of Chlum. The telecommunication tower with an observation deck replaced the original...
tel.: 495447058

Paradise of little engines.
Paradise of little engines

Permanent exhibition of the history of TT models, a 17 metre long railyard in the shape of the letter N is full of long trainsets in operation. Children themselves can drive electric trains and colour...
tel.: 495458305

Adršpach - castle.
Adršpach - castle

Originally a Renaissance chateau built around 1596 by Adam Bohdanecký of Hodkov, in the 18th and 19th centuries the building underwent Baroque and pseudo-Renaissance reconstructions. Escape game for 2...
tel.: 491423979

Cofee museum

The Coffee Museum whose tradition was established in 1884 when Josef Sykora founded the coffee and colonial goods shop. Visitors have the possibility of tasting freshly roasted coffee directly from the...
tel.: 776009001, 608332650

776009001 608332650
Infantry blockhouse T-S 27"Above the road"

The independent, two-winged infantry chalet is 1st class resistant. It was commissioned in 1938. The main munition included an anti-tank cannon with a heavy gun and a pair of heavy guns. 24 soldiers formed...
tel.: 732633022, 739618110

732633022 739618110
Jan Amos Komenský Memorial

In 1626 to 1628 the village was the site of his last stay before fleeing into exile. It was here that the foundations of hi pedagogical and philosophical work originated; allegedly he also began work here...
tel.: 499396473, 499693310

499396473 499693310
Museum in Red Tower.
Museum in Red Tower

Museum open in 1998 serves to present academic collections of historical technology of architecture, artistic crafts, and bookmaking culture. The thematic exhibits are focussed on individual problems of...
tel.: 466036590

Museum of Agriculture

A museum with an agricultural theme: machinery, containers, accessories, etc.
tel.: 724033192, 469611135

724033192 469611135
Museum of old machines and technology.
Museum of old machines and technology

An exhibition of historic steam engines, stationary engines, electrical machinery, machine tools, narrow gauge locomotives.
tel.: 737239065, 603188664

737239065 603188664
Museum of the Local Railway Svitavy - Polička - Žďárec.
Museum of the Local Railway Svitavy - Polička - Žďárec

The exhibition is located in the former railway station waiting room in Květná and is dedicated to the history of the local railway from Svitav via Polička to Žďárce at Skutče: the dispatcher's office...
tel.: 724585442

Trhová Kamenice Museum - former fortress

The museum building was originally a fortress that was later used as a rectory. A small exhibition of local phantoms.
tel.: 469333101, 469315572

469333101 469315572
V. J. Klofáč Mememorial - monument, fortification complex

A memorial is situated in the “Na Valech” fortress, which is a cultural monument composed of House No. 68 (gamekeepers lodge), House No. 93 (Klofáč Villa), ramparts, the moat, cellars, and the arbour....
tel.: 465481294, 604863787

465481294 604863787

Originally a Renaissance chateau on the site of a fortress and apparently the courtyard of the Prague bishops of the 11th century. In 1652-1669 it was rebuilt in Early Baroque style into the residence...
tel.: 491610549, 499628548

491610549 499628548
Aviation Museum of Ing. Jan Kašpar

Part of the museum's collections are unique replicas of aircraft from the beginning of aviation and replicas of English, French and German military aircraft from the First and Second World War. A cinema...
tel.: 739203383

Boys' Dream Museum of Model Cars

The exhibition of model cars consists of 4,000 exhibits, mostly miniature model cars, and toys from the years 1955 - 1985. The exhibition also includes an exhibition of dolls and paintings by Marie Fousková...
tel.: 724121821

722909290 776836925

Permanent exhibitions "What life was like in a small town" or "From the cellar to the attic at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries".
tel.: 499882143, 603370572

499882143 603370572
Eduard Štorch and Karel Zeman Museum

Film and book rendition of prehistorical scenery, which became an element of the life and works of E. Štorch and K. Zeman. Prehistorical times of Ostroměř. Creator of the puppet theatre - Matěj Kopecký...
tel.: 493035585

Journey of the Legionnaires 2 exhibition

The exhibition presents the fates of 15 major legionaries during the First Republic and the second resistance. Also included are photographs, texts, uniforms and weapons.
tel.: 224266235

(Králický řopík).
(Králický řopík)

tel.: 774024750

Moto Museum

tel.: 724252875

Municipal museum

The first exposition of ethnography documents the history of the city and life of local inhabitants. It exhibits tools, clothing and items required for daily use from the 18th and 19th century. The second...
tel.: 491614218, 602123990

491614218 602123990
Municipal museum

tel.: 493624497

Museum of Actors

The exhibition is dedicated to all Czech actors. It is divided into two parts - permanent expositions (personal items of actors, autographs, posters, scripts, costumes, props, photographs, etc.), the second...
tel.: 721232678

Museum of Historical Motorcycles

tel.: 566662335, 603325913

566662335 603325913
Old-Timer Car Museum at the Horák's

Historical motorcycles from the thirties, classic motorcycles from the seventies - brands Jawa, Čz, Simson, Kreidler, Manet etc. Collection of motors and other objects.
tel.: 493698177, 607729326

493698177 607729326
Private railway museum

Period furnishings of railway offices, railway technology components.
tel.: 602291597

Railway Museum

The museum mainly has a collection of objects associated with the route Litomyšl - Choceň.
tel.: 724494740

Regional rural Museum

An exhibition of rural crafts and farming, displays from the 19th and 20th centuries, black kitchen
tel.: 461631175

The first military-history museum of M. Frost and the W. Matuška Museum

History of Austro-Hungarian army from the end of the 19th century - the First World War - protectorate, heydrich area - war in Corea, Vietnam. Waldemar Matuška Museum.
tel.: 491812343, 725759614

491812343 725759614
Municipal museum Letohrad.
Municipal museum Letohrad

The house dates back to 1680 and is in Baroque style. Classical renovations to the facade were conducted at the end of the 19th century. The house is connected with the name of the writer Petr Jilemnicky...
tel.: 465622092

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