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Museums and galleries - Kladské border region


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Gallery of fine arts in Náchod.
Gallery of fine arts in Náchod

The fine arts gallery in Nachod is housed in the chateau riding hall set in a beautiful natural environment. It is a collecting institution focussed on 19th and 20th century Russian paintings, Czech art...
tel.: 491423245

Exhibition hall at the old town hall.
Exhibition hall at the old town hall

tel.: 491524168, 604228020

491524168 604228020
Gingersnap City Gallery.
Gingersnap City Gallery

It is situated in the building of the former city jail. There is a lapidarium and dungeon on the ground floor, a permanent exhibition on the first floor, which presents works by new-town artists. The attic...
tel.: 605201083

House Gallery.
House Gallery

Exhibition of contemporary art in an attractive environment both in terms of history and landscape - paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures/statues/objects,as well as photos. Exhibition of contemporary...
tel.: 734443161

Julie W. Mezerová municipal museum and gallery.
Julie W. Mezerová municipal museum and gallery

Gallery of Julie W. Mezorova, history of the town, Upice countryside, show-room
tel.: 499882143, 603370572

499882143 603370572
Fortna Gallery

tel.: 491452708, 604187325

491452708 604187325
Luxfer Gallery

tel.: 734260618

Suterén Gallery

tel.: 491812806

Broumov Monastery with Church of St. Adalbert - Benedictine monastery.
Broumov Monastery with Church of St. Adalbert - Benedictine monastery

The Benedictine monastery was established in the 14th century through the reconstruction of the original Gothic castle. K. I. Dienzenhofer gave the building its current, magnificent High-Baroque appearance...
tel.: 491521283, 734443161

491521283 734443161
Museum of Motorcycles and Toys in Šestajovice at Jaroměř.
Museum of Motorcycles and Toys in Šestajovice at Jaroměř

The granary, which houses an exhibition of toys is the oldest surviving building in the village. Approximately 100 motorcycles of Czech production. Around 90 strollers, many dolls and other toys.
tel.: 774903530

Dřevíček - mill and museum.
Dřevíček - mill and museum

A roller mill equipped in 1925-1939. A francis turbine serves to power all of the equipment. Transfers via pulleys and leather belts. Miller museum familiarising visitors with the work of a miller and...
tel.: 739049450, 491487136

739049450 491487136
Museum of Paper Models.
Museum of Paper Models

The Museum of paper models was opened in 2012 in Police nad Metují and became the second oldest museum of paper models in the world. Apart from small private museums, with more than 1,200 exhibits it is...
tel.: 777828657

Josefov Fortress.
Josefov Fortress

Josefov Fort, which hides labyrinth of underground corridors of the length of 45 km, was built from 1780 to 1787 at the instance of emperor Joseph II and was to serve as protection of provincial frontiers...
tel.: 491812343

Kahan III - Cold War Museum.
Kahan III - Cold War Museum

An object of the former pre-war fortification system, rebuilt for new warfare methods and research by the army, the Ministry of the Interior, and the needs of the State Secret Security. Reconstruction...
tel.: 776211991

Museum of Magic - museum and fairytale maze.
Museum of Magic - museum and fairytale maze

Exposition focused on history and acquainting visitors with magic in the form of theatre as entertainment for visitors. Czech principals, photographs from preformances, historical posters and props.
tel.: 603794832, 777137530

603794832 777137530
Výtopna Jaroměř Railway Museum.
Výtopna Jaroměř Railway Museum

A permanent exhibit of railway cars and equipment, particularly steam locomotives. The exhibit includes the oldest working steam locomotive from 1873, a unique cog locomotive from 1901, a Ringhoffer electric...
tel.: 731489411, 728042999

731489411 728042999
Municipal museum in Nové Město nad Metují.
Municipal museum in Nové Město nad Metují

The town museum is housed in a 16th century building that was part of the castle fortifications. Restored Baroque pharmacy from the monstery church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary built in 1750. Burgher...
tel.: 491472119

Odolov - infantry cabin T-S 26.
Odolov - infantry cabin T-S 26

A structure of the former Czechoslovak defence fortifications from 1935-1938, built in 1938 as part of the Odolovský fortification barrier. The object concerns a two-story, double-sided structure whose...
tel.: 607946032, 606152792

607946032 606152792
Under the Hat interactive museum of smart entertainment

Permanent and temporary exhibitions with accompanying programs focused on sensory perception, wonders of natural phenomena, ingenuity of various inventions, creative work but also mainly on games.
tel.: 606817607

Barunka's school - museum.
Barunka's school - museum

A class-room set up according to B. Nemcova's stories ("Grandmother", Mister Teacher), exposition dedicated to war events of 1866 and history of the town, a little room of a teacher.
tel.: 491451285

Božena Němcová Museum.
Božena Němcová Museum

Life and work of Bozena Nemcova - 6 exposition halls, Jirinka hall, tradition of Jirinka festivities, picture gallery of Josef Vondracek and Julie Winterova-Mezerova
tel.: 491451285

Božena Němcová's house.
Božena Němcová's house

The Merchant's House of Augustina Hulka, in which the future writer and her husband rented a flat in 1837. In 1912 a memorial plaque was unveiled on the house reminding us of the month which Božena Němcová...
tel.: 491461776, 778066919

491461776 778066919
Broumov Brewery.
Broumov Brewery

A monasterial and bourgeois brewery once operated in Broumov. A fire struck the monastery in 1664. In the 18th century, the church moved the brewery to a place where it still stands to this day. Today...
tel.: 491523779, 607107203, 602642672

491523779 607107203 602642672
Josefov Museum.
Josefov Museum

Located on the 1st floor of the former Josefov town hall built in 1883 – 1884. The most beautiful room in the pseudo-Renaissance building is the auditorium with rich stucco ornamentation. The exposition...

Municipal museum in Jaroměř.
Municipal museum in Jaroměř

The building of the town museum, previously the A. Wenke and Son department store, was constructed in 1910-1911 according to the design by Josef Gočár. The building has historical landmark status due to...
tel.: 608976498

Museum of the Náchod Region.
Museum of the Náchod Region

The exhibit “The History of Náchod and the Náchod Region” captures the period from the Early Palaeolithic to the present. The display also includes 7 dioramas, currently with 21 life-size figures showing...
tel.: 491423248, 724156909

491423248 724156909
Old school "Dřevěnka".
Old school "Dřevěnka"

An original timber Baroque single-story building with a shingled mansard roof. The school was built in 1785 and continued in operation until 1857. The school now holds a reconstructed period classroom...
tel.: 491423248, 604875685

491423248 604875685
Police nad Metují - monastery and Museum of the town Police nad Metují.
Police nad Metují - monastery and Museum of the town Police nad Metují

The monastery was founded at the beginning of the 13th century by Benedictine monks. The current Baroque appearance of the building dates to 1770. Part of the monastery complex is the Church of the Assumption...
tel.: 491423248, 739811074

491423248 739811074
Alois Jirásek Museum – Hronov.
Alois Jirásek Museum – Hronov

Newly renovated exposition dedicated to important Hronov natives
tel.: 491483538, 491423248

491483538 491423248
Alois Jirásek's parental home.
Alois Jirásek's parental home

The writer spent his childhood in the small house and returned home on school holidays. The house also witnessed his first literary success. The house is a timber building from the 18th century with baking...
tel.: 491483538

Čapek Brothers Museum

Exposition of the life and work of Karel and Josef Capek, picture gallery of Josef Capek.
tel.: 499886295, 499886341, 705103264

499886295 499886341 705103264
Julie W. Mezerová municipal museum and gallery.
Julie W. Mezerová municipal museum and gallery

Gallery of Julie W. Mezorova, history of the town, Upice countryside, show-room
tel.: 499882143, 603370572

499882143 603370572
Merkur Erector Set Museum.
Merkur Erector Set Museum

On display at the museum are the enormous “Iron City,” the largest Merkur construction from 1920, a large “O” gauge Merku train layout, and a large number of historic and contemporary displays. The exhibits...
tel.: 491541262

Adršpach - castle.
Adršpach - castle

Originally a Renaissance chateau built around 1596 by Adam Bohdanecký of Hodkov, in the 18th and 19th centuries the building underwent Baroque and pseudo-Renaissance reconstructions. Escape game for 2...
tel.: 491423979

Infantry blockhouse T-S 27"Above the road"

The independent, two-winged infantry chalet is 1st class resistant. It was commissioned in 1938. The main munition included an anti-tank cannon with a heavy gun and a pair of heavy guns. 24 soldiers formed...
tel.: 732633022, 739618110

732633022 739618110

Permanent exhibitions "What life was like in a small town" or "From the cellar to the attic at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries".
tel.: 499882143, 603370572

499882143 603370572
Journey of the Legionnaires 2 exhibition

The exhibition presents the fates of 15 major legionaries during the First Republic and the second resistance. Also included are photographs, texts, uniforms and weapons.
tel.: 224266235

Municipal museum

The first exposition of ethnography documents the history of the city and life of local inhabitants. It exhibits tools, clothing and items required for daily use from the 18th and 19th century. The second...
tel.: 491614218, 602123990

491614218 602123990
Museum of Actors

The exhibition is dedicated to all Czech actors. It is divided into two parts - permanent expositions (personal items of actors, autographs, posters, scripts, costumes, props, photographs, etc.), the second...
tel.: 721232678

The first military-history museum of M. Frost and the W. Matuška Museum

History of Austro-Hungarian army from the end of the 19th century - the First World War - protectorate, heydrich area - war in Corea, Vietnam. Waldemar Matuška Museum.
tel.: 491812343, 725759614

491812343 725759614

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