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Eagle (Orlické) mountains and foothills - Museums, galleries and open-air museums


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Museums, galleries and open-air museums Museums, galleries and open-air museums.

Lanškroun - chateau and town museum.
Lanškroun - chateau and town museum

The oldest part of the Lanškroun Chateau is the wing adjacent to the Church of St. Wenceslas. This was the eastern wing of the monastery, built by the Augustinians after 1393. The structure was named...
tel.: 465324328

Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

Originally the family residence of the Usti nad Labem textile entrepreneur Florian Henrych, which completely exceeds the local average with its representative form from the period of "floral Art Nouveau...
tel.: 465523653

Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

Permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the town and crafts of the foothills of the Orlicke Mountains, bobbin lace work, history of pharmacy and eminent personalities, for example Vaclav Prokop...
tel.: 465611678, 734839674

465611678 734839674
Dobruška - town hall.
Dobruška - town hall

The most famous building in the city from the 16th century. The capital court was housed here until 1765, then the municipal government. The town hall survived two large fires in the 19th century. The...
tel.: 494629667, 725048991

494629667 725048991
Fort Orlice.
Fort Orlice

The fortress was most likely built at the end of the 13th century. It was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau in the 16th century. After the nobility moved out of Orlice in 1650 to the chateau in Kyšperec...
tel.: 465677731

Olešnice Museum.
Olešnice Museum

Jarmila Lemfeld deserves credit for its creation. The majority of exhibits were donated by locals. In the 1990s the museum was closed and left without maintenance, a larger part of the exhibits were significantly...
tel.: 492601920, 732928374

492601920 732928374
Choceň - museum and chateau.
Choceň - museum and chateau

The Renaissance chateau with ground floor arcade in the courtyard was built in the second half of the 16th century. In 1829 the chateau burned and restorations were conducted in the Classicist style. In...
tel.: 465471624

Dobruška Natural Sciences Museum.
Dobruška Natural Sciences Museum

The tour consists of three parts. The entrance is dedicated to several significant personalities of Dobruška's history. The central part of the exhibition is the Story of Dobruška, telling the history...
tel.: 494629668, 725048991

494629668 725048991
The family house of František Vladislav Hek.
The family house of František Vladislav Hek

The native house of the most popular Dobruš personality, the national revivalist František Vladislav Hek, who was immortalised in the novel "F.L. Věk" by Alois Jirásek. Living room - life and living at...
tel.: 494629668, 725048991

494629668 725048991
Utzův mechanical nativity scene.
Utzův mechanical nativity scene

The mechanical nativity scene with an area of approximately 5 by 2 metres was created on the first floor of the creator's weaving mill; the nativity scene used the drive from the factory. The nativity...
tel.: 492601111, 732928374

492601111 732928374
Rychnov nad Kněžnou - Jewish synagogue - memorial to Karel Poláček.
Rychnov nad Kněžnou - Jewish synagogue - memorial to Karel Poláček

The synagogue was built in 1781 – 82 and in 1830 was adapted in a Classicist style. Today it is used for museum exhibitions. The exhibition of Judaism in the Lower Orlice area provides information about...
tel.: 739019331, 494539027

739019331 494539027
Home of Prokop Diviš.
Home of Prokop Diviš

Permanent exposition of V. P. Divis - a native personality with world-wide fame - is placed in a timbering with a maquette of his famous invention - an earthing lightning rod. The exposition includes a...
tel.: 608427064

City lapidarium.
City lapidarium

The first exhibits in the roofed part were four original statues of saints from the Marian Column. Then others were aded - a statue of St. Lawrence from Pulická street and a statue of St. John of Nepomuk...
tel.: 494629581, 724965051, 773773031

494629581 724965051 773773031
Exhibition hall of František Kupka.
Exhibition hall of František Kupka

Pivotal works selected with an emphasis on displaying a cross-section of the artist's works.
tel.: 494668111

Municipal museum.
Municipal museum

The exhibit brings visitors closer to the Česká Třebová railway junction, aviation attempts of native František Formánek, inventor of the three-wheel cart OS-KAR (later called Velorex) of the Stránský...
tel.: 465322634, 465534516, 465539170

465322634 465534516 465539170
Letohrad Craft Museum.
Letohrad Craft Museum

The Museum is located on the premises of Novy Dvur dating back to 1750. The 2000 m2 area is the largest museum of its type in the CR. It includes more than 50 complete expositions on handicrafts and trades...
tel.: 465622160

New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí - chateau, museum and gallery.
New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí - chateau, museum and gallery

The son of Prince Ferdinand, Count Josef Kinský, had this Empire style chateau built in 1829-1833 as the family residence. A reception room and library were built on the elevated ground floor; the first...
tel.: 734709023, 731326423

734709023 731326423
Kvasiny - chateau.
Kvasiny - chateau

Three-winged Classical chateau built in the late 17th century on the site of a former fortress on a promontory above the river Bela. It is surrounded by a ten hectare park with numerous beautiful and rare...
tel.: 605279150

Museum and Gallery of Orlické Mountains.
Museum and Gallery of Orlické Mountains

The museum documents and brings the public closer to the history and nature of the Eagle Mountains and foothills for more than half a century. Extensive exposition of Czech landscaping in connection with...
tel.: 494534015

Častolovice - chateau.
Častolovice - chateau

The history of Častolovice Chateau extends back to the 13th century when a water fortress stood in the valley of the confluence of the Bělá and Kněžna Rivers. This fortress was built on massive wooden...
tel.: 494323646, 732832442

494323646 732832442
Grange - Museum of the Eagle Mountains.
Grange - Museum of the Eagle Mountains

Former granary from the mid 19th century, which was adapted to a museum exhibition of the Eagle Mountains. Architecturally and functionally interesting design by professionals from the architectural office...
tel.: 491616941, 602526621

491616941 602526621
Doudleby nad Orlicí - chateau.
Doudleby nad Orlicí - chateau

The chateau was commissioned by Nicholas the Elder of Bubna. It originally served as a summer residence and was later used as a hunting lodge. What's interesting is that the Bubna family still owns the...
tel.: 494383420, 777888083

494383420 777888083
Bellmaker and potter's studio.
Bellmaker and potter's studio

The unique Deštenská carillon will play for you in front of the bellmaker and potter's Studio of the husband and wife team Šedový. It plays every hour from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can buy lots of gifts here...
tel.: 603204111, 777308256

603204111 777308256
Toy museum.
Toy museum

The Toy Museum in Rychnov nad Kněžnou is located directly on Rychnov's square in the former town hall and just the historical premises themselves complete the picture of old times. In three rooms visitors...
tel.: 603193122, 732781228

603193122 732781228
Museum of hiking, winter sports and crafts.
Museum of hiking, winter sports and crafts

Glass making in the Orlické Mts. (for the Middle Ages to the present), domestic textile production (19th century to mid-20th century), hiking and winter sports in the Orlické Mts., exhibit of washers and...
tel.: 494663139, 602936946

494663139 602936946
The Museum of Needlework in Vamberk.
The Museum of Needlework in Vamberk

Permanent exhibition of the development of Czech needlework and needlework industry up to the present time. A short film presents a brief history of lace making to visitors. The museum premises are equipped...
tel.: 494541518

Museum of Vamberk Lace.
Museum of Vamberk Lace

Video projection about how bobbin lace is made. The history of lace. Use of lace in the 21st century. The guided tour offers the possibility to take a look in the art studio and try bobbin lacemaking personally...
tel.: 728596582

Church of St. Bartholomew - church and belfry, museum.
Church of St. Bartholomew - church and belfry, museum

The church was built in Early Baroque style. At present it is undergoing reconstruction. Apart from mass, it is used for exhibits, concerts and a permanent exhibit on the local history from 1500-1700....
tel.: 608731830

Inn at Charles IV.
Inn at Charles IV

Baroque half-timbered cultural heritage site, the only one in the village Záměl, with a clapboard roof and historical column inside the inn.
tel.: 737101821

Museum of Častolovice region.
Museum of Častolovice region

Exhibit mapping the history and present of the town Častolovice - significant persons, historical materials, tradesmen andbuildings that no longer exist. There is a corner establisted by the principke...
tel.: 724178772

House made from blue stone - museum.
House made from blue stone - museum

The museum of peasant households, tools, farming equipment in the building of the half-timbered and reconstructed barn. The hiking trail leading through the premises familiarizes visitors with folk architecture...
tel.: 739257170

The artillery stronghold of Bouda.
The artillery stronghold of Bouda

Building from 1935-1938 is the most preserved building of its kind in the Czech Republic. It comprises of five battle buildings of the highest degree of resistence (walls and ceiling panels are 350 cm...
tel.: 777647114

A. Hudeček Gallery.
A. Hudeček Gallery

Permanent exhibit of paintings of Czech masters, academic painter Antonín Hudeček and his son Jiří Hudeček.
tel.: 494323911

Exhibit on the production of iron.
Exhibit on the production of iron

Exhibit of collections of products, which were manufactured by the company J. Porkert in Skuhrova nad Bělou. The exhibits include piano frames, various mouldings and the first robot ever made in Europe...
tel.: 494598248

H Gallery.
H Gallery

The H Gallery in the village of Houdkovice is the work and fulfilled dream of Jiří Hlinovský. He made his decision with respect to the memory of his father, Stanislav Hlinovský. The gallery will host short...
tel.: 732636543

Military geography permanent exhibition.
Military geography permanent exhibition

The unique exposition gives visitors the opportunity to look not only into the development of military geography of used instruments, aids, mapmaking, troops security, but also introduces them to several...
tel.: 494629668

Permanent exposition of town history.
Permanent exposition of town history

History of the town – native Petr Figulus Jablonský (co-worker and son-in-law of J. A. Comenius), objects from farmstead, household, club activities, and the life of citizens in the 19th and 20th century...
tel.: 465641371

Town house no. 55.
Town house no. 55

Ground floor double-winged building from the 18th century with a permanent exhibition called Opočno in the mirror of time. The exhibition introduces some important moments in the history of the city, with...

Fire brigade.
Fire brigade

The fire station was built in 1880 and served the fire brigade until 1980. Today it serves as a fire brigade. Hanz Flader fire engine, production year 1933 and Tatra T 805 fire vehicle from 1970.

Fire Brigade Museum.
Fire Brigade Museum

Fire fighting technology and equipment for fire fighters from 1820 to the present.
tel.: 603309331

House on the Choir.
House on the Choir

One of the historic founding sites of the Brethren of Unity in 1457. Exhibit on the founding and history of the Unity of the Bretheren
tel.: 465619168, 465619160

465619168 465619160
Jan Amos Komenský Memorial Hall.
Jan Amos Komenský Memorial Hall

The life and work of J. A. Comenius, with an emphasis on his stay in Brandýs nad Orlicí and his works created here.
tel.: 465544211

Max Švabinský's cottage - museum.
Max Švabinský's cottage - museum

The cottage is named after the famous Czech painter Max Švabinský, who stayed here in the years 1895-1919. The beautiful mountain landscape inpsired the artist, and his most famous works were created in...
tel.: 465534516

Memorial to Jarmila Haldová and district of Sedloňov.
Memorial to Jarmila Haldová and district of Sedloňov

Permanent exhibition of the expressive wood carver and visual artist Jarmila Haldová, cultural traditions and personages who were born, lived or still live in Sedloňov.
tel.: 494660345, 724179126

494660345 724179126
Museum of the Doudleby - Vamberk - Rokytnice Track.
Museum of the Doudleby - Vamberk - Rokytnice Track

Railway line Doubleby - Vamberk - Rokytnice. History of railways in the region. Steam engine 328.011, paintings and documents on the history of the line. Special equipment used to secure trains on mountain...
tel.: 494595326, 736752200, 491616995

494595326 736752200 491616995
Water tower.
Water tower

Tower water reservoir with volume of 200 m3 and the approximate height of 35 m, is out of operation and the building now serves as a seasonal museum and gallery
tel.: 603450213, 602144832

603450213 602144832
Žamberk - Jewish cemetery.
Žamberk - Jewish cemetery

The cemetery was likely established in the 17th century. A total of 230 tombstones from the years 1731-1941 have been preserved. During the Nazi occupation the cemetery was demolished. Total reconstruction...
tel.: 465611678

Dolní Čermná Town Museum.
Dolní Čermná Town Museum

Zoological collections, hunting trophies, farming and craft tools, folk furniture, old textbooks, dishes and objects of daily life, local natives.
tel.: 465393174, 731070397

465393174 731070397
Ivko Gallery.
Ivko Gallery

tel.: 723108101

Memorial to Karel Plachetka.
Memorial to Karel Plachetka

Monument of ornithologist Karel Plachetka - 255 kinds of birds, more than 700 pieces
tel.: 494534450

Memorial to Marie and Vojtěch Sedláček.
Memorial to Marie and Vojtěch Sedláček

Images, lace work or designs for lace motifs.
tel.: 720629718

Na zídce Gallery.
Na zídce Gallery

tel.: 604103895

Permanent exposition of historical radios.
Permanent exposition of historical radios

Samples from the collection of Karel Humboldt beginning from the crystal receiver from 1927 all the way to the semiconductor battery receivers from 1958. Presented together with radios and components characteristic...
tel.: 465500300

Pod Radnicí Gallery.
Pod Radnicí Gallery

tel.: 465514233

Coffee roast - roaster and mini-museum.
Coffee roast - roaster and mini-museum

Frolík's coffee is a popular brand for all connoisseurs and coffee lovers. This brand has been building its strong position among the finest quality Czech coffee producers since 1992. In the shop you can...
tel.: 494381336, 602405593

494381336 602405593
Museum of old machines and technology.
Museum of old machines and technology

An exhibition of historic steam engines, stationary engines, electrical machinery, machine tools, narrow gauge locomotives.
tel.: 737239065, 603188664

737239065 603188664
Selichar's Gallery

The paintings were bequeathed to the village by dean Jan Selichar, who worked in Rybné nad Zdobnicí působil. The collection includes works by O. Hlavsa, A. Kalvoda, O. Sedloň, A. Slavíček, V. Beneš and...
tel.: 494594168

V. J. Klofáč Mememorial - monument, fortification complex

A memorial is situated in the “Na Valech” fortress, which is a cultural monument composed of House No. 68 (gamekeepers lodge), House No. 93 (Klofáč Villa), ramparts, the moat, cellars, and the arbour....
tel.: 465481294, 604863787

465481294 604863787
Small Theatre

tel.: 608752608

Municipal museum Letohrad.
Municipal museum Letohrad

The house dates back to 1680 and is in Baroque style. Classical renovations to the facade were conducted at the end of the 19th century. The house is connected with the name of the writer Petr Jilemnicky...
tel.: 465622092

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