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Castles amd chateaux


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Castles amd chateaux Castles amd chateaux.

Lanškroun - chateau and town museum.
Lanškroun - chateau and town museum

The oldest part of the Lanškroun Chateau is the wing adjacent to the Church of St. Wenceslas. This was the eastern wing of the monastery, built by the Augustinians after 1393. The structure was named...
tel.: 465324328


The arboretum is a part of the chateau parks, which measure a total of more than 4 hectares of land divided into the upper and lower part (below the road) and the park in the inner chateau grounds. There...
tel.: 465618184

Fort Orlice.
Fort Orlice

The fortress was most likely built at the end of the 13th century. It was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau in the 16th century. After the nobility moved out of Orlice in 1650 to the chateau in Kyšperec...
tel.: 465677731

Choceň - museum and chateau.
Choceň - museum and chateau

The Renaissance chateau with ground floor arcade in the courtyard was built in the second half of the 16th century. In 1829 the chateau burned and restorations were conducted in the Classicist style. In...
tel.: 465471624

Potštejn - castle ruins.
Potštejn - castle ruins

While only ruins remain today, Potštejn at one time was one of the largest and most important castles in the country. The castle changed owners many times after its founding in the 13th century. Important...
tel.: 494546812, 494546810, 603416959

494546812 494546810 603416959
Letohrad - chateau.
Letohrad - chateau

On the site of today’s east chateau wing the owner of the domain, Zdeněk Žampach of Potštein, built a simple wooden fortress in 1554; in 1681 this was rebuilt by a subsequent owner into an Early Baroque...
tel.: 465622092

New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí - chateau, museum and gallery.
New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí - chateau, museum and gallery

The son of Prince Ferdinand, Count Josef Kinský, had this Empire style chateau built in 1829-1833 as the family residence. A reception room and library were built on the elevated ground floor; the first...
tel.: 734709023, 731326423

734709023 731326423
Kvasiny - chateau.
Kvasiny - chateau

Three-winged Classical chateau built in the late 17th century on the site of a former fortress on a promontory above the river Bela. It is surrounded by a ten hectare park with numerous beautiful and rare...
tel.: 605279150

Častolovice - chateau.
Častolovice - chateau

The history of Častolovice Chateau extends back to the 13th century when a water fortress stood in the valley of the confluence of the Bělá and Kněžna Rivers. This fortress was built on massive wooden...
tel.: 494323646, 732832442

494323646 732832442
Potštejn - chateau.
Potštejn - chateau

Perhaps as early as the first half of the 15th century the owners of the Potštejn domain built an aristocratic estate with a fortress to replace the run-down castle on the hill above the small town; the...
tel.: 494546064, 728939028

494546064 728939028
Doudleby nad Orlicí - chateau.
Doudleby nad Orlicí - chateau

The chateau was commissioned by Nicholas the Elder of Bubna. It originally served as a summer residence and was later used as a hunting lodge. What's interesting is that the Bubna family still owns the...
tel.: 494383420, 777888083

494383420 777888083
Hospital Kuks - chateau.
Hospital Kuks - chateau

In the years 1694-1724 Count František Antonín Špork had a large complex of secular and church buildings constructed with the goal of creating a world-class spa. The stimulus for this project was the local...
tel.: 499692161, 724663535

499692161 724663535
Litice nad Orlicí - castle.
Litice nad Orlicí - castle

Litice Castle was established near the end of the 13th century during the colonization of the sparse settlement at the time of the ancient border forest of northeastern Bohemia, which was royal property...
tel.: 465320627, 603232212

465320627 603232212
Nasavrky - museum and chateau.
Nasavrky - museum and chateau

A fortress built in the 10th and 11th centuries; around 1600 it was rebuilt as a Renaissance chateau. The façade of the chateau features sgraffito, and the interior holds a beautiful vaulted entrance hall...
tel.: 469677566

New chateau near Lanškroun - chateau remains.
New chateau near Lanškroun - chateau remains

The chateau was built in the years 1699-1712 by Jan Adam Ondřej of Lichtenstein due to the fact that the smaller chateau in Lanškroun was no longer large enough for his needs. The new chateau had three...
tel.: 776642277

Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum.
Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum

The original fortress likely dates to the 13th century; in the 14th century it was rebuilt as a Gothic castle. The Pernštein family subsequently rebuilt the castle as a Gothic-Renaissance chateau. This...
tel.: 466799240

Ratibořice - chateau grounds.
Ratibořice - chateau grounds

Ratibořice is known for the writer Božena Němcová and her work Grandmother, as well as for the Duchess Kateřina Vilemína Zaháňská. The original fortress was rebuilt as a Baroque summer residence. In 1825...
tel.: 491452123

Seč - chateau.
Seč - chateau

Renaissance chateau built before 1577 with a preserved portal (1610) with the coat-of-arms of the owners Karel Záruba of Hustířan and Anna of Valdštejn, it now houses the municipal office.
tel.: 469676900

Zdechovice - chateau.
Zdechovice - chateau

The fortress was first mentioned in the mid-14th century; later, as a wooden chateau, the structure burned to the ground in 1803. Under ownership by the Žerotín family a Renaissance chateau was built...
tel.: 466936101

Jevíčko - small chateau.
Jevíčko - small chateau

The small Renaissance chateau was built as a fortress in 1599 by Prokop and Jetřich Podstatský of Prusínovice. The current appearance of the building dates to reconstructions at the end of the 18th century...

Krkonoše Museum Jilemnice - Harrach chateau.
Krkonoše Museum Jilemnice - Harrach chateau

The renaissance castle had been burned down during the Thirty-Years War, but was reconstructed again thanks to the House Harrach. Today's neo-renaissance form was gained in 19th century.
tel.: 481543041, 737225429

481543041 737225429
National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem.
National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem

The stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem is probably the oldest stud farm of its kind in the world. Already in 1579, Emperor Rudolf II promoted the stud farm to an Imperial Court and since then it has been...
tel.: 601191580, 774211168

601191580 774211168
Slatiňany - chateau and museum.
Slatiňany - chateau and museum

Originally a Renaissance chateau, it conceals two guided tour routes - the chateau and horse tour. You can enter also a castle tower with views of the surroundings. A stud farm and runs of Old Kladruby...
tel.: 469681112

Karlštejn - small chateau.
Karlštejn - small chateau

The rococo hunting castle was built in 1766 – 1776. Until 1925 it was surrounded by a deer game-park. Today the castle serves as a recreational centre.

Chroustovice - chateau.
Chroustovice - chateau

An original Renaissance chateau residence erected on the site of a dilapidated fortress. The building first underwent Baroque reconstruction by František Karel Libštein of Kolovraty in 1663, and was subsequently...
tel.: 737748498

Hrádek u Nechanic - chateau.
Hrádek u Nechanic - chateau

The Hrádek u Nechanic Chateau was built as the representative summer residence of the Harrach family in 1839-1857. Serving as a model for the building was the unrealized reconstruction project for Crewe...
tel.: 495441244, 602185554

495441244 602185554
Litomyšl Chateau.
Litomyšl Chateau

State Chateau Litomyšl is a rare example of an adaptation of an Italian Renaissance palace for the conditions of transalpine countries. It was built in the 1560-80s by Vratislav of Perstain as a gift for...
tel.: 461615067

Moravská Třebová - chateau.
Moravská Třebová - chateau

The chateau is located in the centre of the town on the site of the original castle from the 13th century. The structure was underwent substantial reconstruction at the end of the 15th century and in the...
tel.: 461312458, 733787998, 731151784

461312458 733787998 731151784
Náchod - chateau.
Náchod - chateau

The original Early Gothic castle built above the town around 1254 was reconstructed in a Renaissance and Early Baroque style at the turn of the 17th century. In 1634 Náchod was acquired by O. Piccolomini...
tel.: 491426201

Rychmburk - castle and home for the mentally ill.
Rychmburk - castle and home for the mentally ill

Castle in the Gothic style that remained on a gneissic rise around 1325 and belonged to Tas of Rychmburk. One of its owners was Smil Flaška of Pardubice and Rychmburk in the 15th century. In 1425, the...
tel.: 469350438

Svojanov - castle.
Svojanov - castle

The beginning of the history of Svojanov Castle dates to the period of colonization of the remote corners of the lands of the Czech crown. In the 1280’s Přemysl Otakar II had Svojanov Castle built (Fürstenberg...
tel.: 461744124, 739518703, 603810085

461744124 739518703 603810085
Kunětická hora - castle.
Kunětická hora - castle

Archaeological research dates the original construction to the mid-14th century. The greatest reconstruction was undertaken by the Pernštein family in the years 1491-1548, which resulted in the creation...
tel.: 466415428, 725507500

466415428 725507500
Studenec - chateau.
Studenec - chateau

Originally it was a fortress with a simple Renaissance look, which was built by Jan Stráník, whose father bought Studenec in 1584. The fortress was first mentioned in 1623, when it was bought by Albrecht...

Charles' Crown - chateau.
Charles' Crown - chateau

The Karlova Koruna Chateau was built as a summer residence in 1721-1723 by Count František Ferdinand Kinský – the highest chancellor and highest gamekeeper in the Czech Kingdom, according to the plan of...
tel.: 737215960

Rudník - chateau.
Rudník - chateau

The Pseudo-Gothic chateau Silberstein called the "Little Hluboká" with a restored exterior facade and memorial plaque from 1999 in memory of F. L. Čelakovský's stay here in 1921.
tel.: 499440109, 608168262

499440109 608168262
Opočno - chateau.
Opočno - chateau

The Renaissance chateau above the valley of the Golden Stream was built by the Czech noble family Trčkas of Lipa during the second half of the 16th century. The latitude of the concept and substantial...
tel.: 494668216

Nové Hrady - chateau.
Nové Hrady - chateau

A Rococo structure built in 1774-1777 by Count Jean-Antoin Harbuval de Chamaré in the style of French summer residences, frequently referred to as “Little Schönbrunn" or “Czech Versailles.” The grounds...
tel.: 469325353

Choltice - chateau, museum exhibit, and Chapel of St. Romedio.
Choltice - chateau, museum exhibit, and Chapel of St. Romedio

The first written mention of Choltice dates to 1285 with Beneš of Choltice, one of the leading nobles at the time of King Václav II. Most likely in the second half of the 16th century the fortress was...
tel.: 734257579

Chrast - town museum, chateau.
Chrast - town museum, chateau

Following the Thirty Years War the Renaissance chateau served as the summer residence of the Hradec Králové bishops. The adapted chateau courtyard and the museum concert hall (the former chateau chapel...
tel.: 469667194

Miletín - chateau and museum.
Miletín - chateau and museum

Originally a royal water castle mentioned as early as 1125, later a fortress in 1693-1703, reconstructed into an Early Baroque chateau; following a fire in 1846 the chateau was rebuilt in the Late Empire...
tel.: 737308469

Kolowrat Chateau in Rychnov nad Kněžnou.
Kolowrat Chateau in Rychnov nad Kněžnou

The Early Baroque multi-story chateau was built by Fr. Karel Kolowrat in 1676-1690 (allegedly according to the plan by a northern Italian architect) In 1722 the chateau was lengthened, widened, and raised...
tel.: 605267238, 733189099, 494534916

605267238 733189099 494534916
Běstvina - chateau.
Běstvina - chateau

The four-winged Baroque chateau was created by reconstructing the fortress during the reign of the Korduls of Sloupna, who built Onšovští from Onšova in the 16th century.

Borohrádek - chateau.
Borohrádek - chateau

Empire style chateau, which was built in 1816 - 1820 by reconstructing a lord's Renaissance mansion. After 1945 it was confiscated. In 1957, building restoration was conducted, the ground floor was elevated...

Cerekvice nad Bystřicí - chateau.
Cerekvice nad Bystřicí - chateau

Originally a gothic fortress from 1368 which was reconstructed in the 18th century to a baroque chateau. In 1936 it was rebuilt after a fire. The building is connected with a brick corridor leading to...

Černíkovice - chateau.
Černíkovice - chateau

The original Renaissance fortress was reconstructed in 1822-1825 by Antonín Libštejnský of Kolovrat into its present form of an Empire style chateau. Until 1945, the chateau served as a summer residence...

Chotělice - chateau.
Chotělice - chateau

Count Mensdorf's spacious chateau - Pouilly with a park

Heřmanův Městec - chateau with park.
Heřmanův Městec - chateau with park

A Late Baroque building from 1784, reconstructed in 1876, with additions made in 1932-1933, situated in a large,significant English park. The chateau stands on the site where the original fort likely stood...

Hlušice - chateau.
Hlušice - chateau

A storeyed chateau with a polygonal tower, decorated with a garret and high gables with castellation and turrets. Originally it was a Renaissance fortress from the 2nd half of the 16th century, which was...

Hoješín - small chateau.
Hoješín - small chateau

Rococco chateau from 1750, which now serves as a charity home for elderly nuns. Exposition devoted to the sister of Eliška Anna Pretschnerova (1911 - 1993), for whom the process of beatification was commenced...
tel.: 733755824

Horní Branná - chateau and Jan Amos Komenský Memorial.
Horní Branná - chateau and Jan Amos Komenský Memorial

The palace in Horni Branna was founded by Zdenek of Valdstejn and completed by his wife, Marie of Martinice, in 1582. At that time the palace was an opulent building with two storeys, a turret on the roof...
tel.: 481584178

Hrochův Týnec - chateau.
Hrochův Týnec - chateau

The chateau building was built after 1705 as a villa for the Premostrates from Hradisko near Olomouc. The layout of the ground floor with barrel and monasteial vaulted ceilings has remained conserved....
tel.: 469692536

Hunting lodge.
Hunting lodge

A pseudo-gothic building built in 1880 by the owner of the estate of Dobřenice Karel Daniel Weinrich. The chateau changed hands several times and in 1994, underrestitution, it was returned to Karl Löwenstein...

Lázně Bělohrad - chateau.
Lázně Bělohrad - chateau

Baroque chateau from the turn of the 18th century with a chapel consecrated by John the Evangelist. Originally it was a fortress, which Jan Blažej Santini reconstructed for Berthold Vilém of Waldstein...

Medlešice - chateau.
Medlešice - chateau

Originally a fortress, which was already documented in 1626. In 1725 it was rebuilt into a chateau, which has maintained its form until the present. The chateau is a single-storey building with a "T" shaped...
tel.: 607692899

Meziměstí - chateau.
Meziměstí - chateau

Storeyed chateau with a mansard roof, built according to the design of K. I. Diezenhofer on the site of a fortress, which belonged to the Broumov monastery.

Old chateau.
Old chateau

The chateau was built on the site of a former fortress, which was established before 1620. After a fire it was reconstructed into a chateau. In 1777, it burnt down, but it was later rebuilt in Baroque...

Pecka - castle.
Pecka - castle

The first written mention of the Pecka Castle dates to 1322. The castle originally served to protect the regional border and the gold mines near the village of Stupná. The castle was surrounded by a moat...
tel.: 493799129

Podlesí - chateau.
Podlesí - chateau

Three-winged Neo-Gothic chateau, which is adorned by two corner towers (the right tower is octagonal, the left one is cylindrical with castellation).

Rokytnice v Orlických horách - chateau.
Rokytnice v Orlických horách - chateau

Early Baroque chateau with a courtyard and pillar arcade built in the 2nd half of the 16th century, originally in Late Renaissance style. In the 2nd half of the 17th century it was rebuilt into it present...
tel.: 724002255, 723755355

724002255 723755355
Ronov nad Doubravou - chateau.
Ronov nad Doubravou - chateau

The history of the lord's mansion was already mentioned in 1664. The building of the former chateau was torn down in 1823 and a new one was built in 1825. At the end of the 19th century, thorough reconstruction...
tel.: 469690102

Skalka - chateau.
Skalka - chateau

Originally the fortified Renaissance residence of the Mladot family of Solopysky from the end of the 16th century, built on the site of a Gothic fortress and reconstructed in 1736-1739 as a Baroque chateau...
tel.: 494666220

Skřivany - chateau.
Skřivany - chateau

Originally a Renaissance fortress, which was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau, later reconstructed in the style of English Neo-Gothic.

Sloupno - chateau.
Sloupno - chateau

Originally a fortress which was reconstructed into a baroque chateau in the 17th century according to the project of architect Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer. The building was in the ownership of the Benedictines...
tel.: 604317275, 732337339

604317275 732337339
Tatenice - chateau.
Tatenice - chateau

Late renaissance hunting chateau. Previously a fortress, which was situated on the site of today's eastern wing of the chateau, where extensive barrel vaulted cellars are preserved , was reconstructed...
tel.: 465381230

Třemošnice - chateau.
Třemošnice - chateau

In 1564, Albrecht Rohmháp completed the construction of the Neo-Renaissance fortress in Třemošnice. After Lichnice burnt down in 1610, the owner at the time, Zikmund Rohmháp, moved to the fortress permanently...
tel.: 775707244

Zámrsk - chateau.
Zámrsk - chateau

An original fortress, likely from the 15th century, that was burned by the army of Matthias Corvinus in 1469. Reconstructed and expanded into a chateau in the first half of the 17th century. Currently...
tel.: 465503101

Myštěves - chateau.
Myštěves - chateau

Chateau from the 1st half of the 18th century. In 1901 it was reconstructed in pseudo-Baroque style by industrialist Gaston Malmann. The chateau is rectangualr in shape with a mansard roof. The main frontispiece...
tel.: 495490850, 602660208

495490850 602660208
Bystré - chateau.
Bystré - chateau

Renaissance chateau, built in the years 1586-1590 by Jan Bezdružičký of Kolovraty. In 1978 the chateau burned down twice, after which it was reconstructed into its present form. The chateau contains an...
tel.: 461741212, 461741196

461741212 461741196
Žamberk - chateau and park.
Žamberk - chateau and park

A single-storey and architecturally insignificant building, built around two square courtyards. The building is accompanied by an English park, which gradually transforms into a game preserve.
tel.: 465614225

Jaroměřice - chateau.
Jaroměřice - chateau

tel.: 461327813

Adršpach - castle.
Adršpach - castle

Originally a Renaissance chateau built around 1596 by Adam Bohdanecký of Hodkov, in the 18th and 19th centuries the building underwent Baroque and pseudo-Renaissance reconstructions. Escape game for 2...
tel.: 491423979

Brandýs nad Orlicí Chateau

A two-storey Neo-Baroque mansard chateau with a turret standing on the southern edge of the city. It is the youngest of the three aristocratic residences in Brandýs nad Orlicí. The building is surrounded...

Koldín - renaissance chateau

Renaissance chateau apparently built by Jan Hylebrant of Ryzmburk on the site of the old fortress from 1589 with high scutcheons and a facade ornate with graphite. Arcades with crossed vaulted ceilings...

Little Chateau Ráby

The little chateau was built on the site of the Pernštejn farmstead in the first half of the 16th century. The Renaissance building stood in a fallow deer park and served as a hunting lodge. In the following...

Stárkov - chateau

Rectangular, two-story Renaissance chateau built by Bernard Zehusicky of Nestajov in the 1st half of the 16th century. During 1681-1691 it was reconstructed in Baroque style by the free lord of Kaiserstein...

Upper chateau

The Renaissance chateau was built by Vaclav Bohdanecky of Hodkova in 1599. The town hall is housed here now.


Originally a Renaissance chateau on the site of a fortress and apparently the courtyard of the Prague bishops of the 11th century. In 1652-1669 it was rebuilt in Early Baroque style into the residence...
tel.: 491610549, 499628548

491610549 499628548
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