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Tourist stamp places Tourist stamp places.

Borůvka - lookout tower.
Borůvka - lookout tower

Borůvka is the third wooden observation tower (with a metal staircase and lookout platform) in the Toulovcové Maštale territory. It is located to the southwest from the town of Hluboká, and was opened...
tel.: 469319413

Moravská Třebová - urban conservation area.
Moravská Třebová - urban conservation area

Moravská Třebová was founded as a typical colonization town in the 13th century. Significant monuments include the castle gate from 1492, which is the oldest Renaissance monument in the country as well...
tel.: 461313502, 737874829

461313502 737874829
Museum of Pipes.
Museum of Pipes

The museum is housed in a historic timbered house on the square. Visitors can see a number of exhibits here, learn interesting facts about the production of pipes and the history of this craft, which is...
tel.: 469319413, 468000265

469319413 468000265
Portmoneum - museum.
Portmoneum - museum

(opened from 6/1/2020)
Unique murals and carved furniture by Josef Váchal – printmaker, writer, and mystic. Váchal decorated the interior in the 1920’s at the behest of his friend Josef Portman, the Litomyšl bibliophile. The...
tel.: 734541323, 777840425

734541323 777840425
Terezka - lookout tower.
Terezka - lookout tower

A wood and steel observation tower opened to the public in August 2004; it is 10 metres higher than the Toulov observation tower, making it the highest observation deck at 25 metres. The observation tower...
tel.: 469319413

Toulovec observation tower - Jarošov Hill.
Toulovec observation tower - Jarošov Hill

In February 2002 the first wooden observation tower in the Toulovcové Maštale territory was opened on Jarošov Hill. The two-story Toulovcova observation tower is nearly 16 metres high and 60 stairs lead...
tel.: 469319413

Baroque grounds Vraclav - St. Nicholas Church.
Baroque grounds Vraclav - St. Nicholas Church

The memorial commemorates the bloody events of the year 1108 when the Přemyslids killed off the Vršovec family in Vraclav (still known as Vratislav at the time). The grounds include the Church of St. Nicholas...
tel.: 461465950

Litomyšl Chateau.
Litomyšl Chateau

State Chateau Litomyšl is a rare example of an adaptation of an Italian Renaissance palace for the conditions of transalpine countries. It was built in the 1560-80s by Vratislav of Perstain as a gift for...
tel.: 461615067

Moravská Třebová - chateau.
Moravská Třebová - chateau

The chateau is located in the centre of the town on the site of the original castle from the 13th century. The structure was underwent substantial reconstruction at the end of the 15th century and in the...
tel.: 461312458, 733787998, 731151784

461312458 733787998 731151784
Pink field - memorial.
Pink field - memorial

The memorial commemorates the events of the post-White Mountain period; at the site members of the Litomyšl Brotherhood bid each other farewell prior to heading abroad in exile. The Rose Clearing was originally...
tel.: 603182523

Lucky peak - viewing point.
Lucky peak - viewing point

It is a part of the protected landscape area of the Žďár Peaks. It offers a beautiful view of the surroundings from an altitude of 739 metres. You can see the Orlicky Mountains, Jeseniky and in ideal...
tel.: 602533789

Svojanov - castle.
Svojanov - castle

The beginning of the history of Svojanov Castle dates to the period of colonization of the remote corners of the lands of the Czech crown. In the 1280’s Přemysl Otakar II had Svojanov Castle built (Fürstenberg...
tel.: 461744124, 739518703, 603810085

461744124 739518703 603810085
Cimburk - castle ruins.
Cimburk - castle ruins

Ruin of a castle founded at the turn of the 13th century. The castle was built as the residence of the Lords of Cimburk. Over the centuries the castle changed owners numerous times. In 1645 the Swedes...

The Regional museum in Vysoké Mýto.
The Regional museum in Vysoké Mýto

The beginnings of the museum in Vysoké Mýto reach as far back as the 19th century and are associated with the personality Karlouš Richter, an educated miller from Sárovka, councilor and chronicler of Vysoké...
tel.: 465461950

Industrial Museum Mladějov.
Industrial Museum Mladějov

The grounds of a former clayworks, exhibits industrial machinery and equipment from the neighbouring narrow-guage track with a space of 600 mm offering an attractive means of transportation during the...
tel.: 604635779, 721546801

604635779 721546801
Nové Hrady - chateau.
Nové Hrady - chateau

A Rococo structure built in 1774-1777 by Count Jean-Antoin Harbuval de Chamaré in the style of French summer residences, frequently referred to as “Little Schönbrunn" or “Czech Versailles.” The grounds...
tel.: 469325353

Litomyšl - urban conservation area.
Litomyšl - urban conservation area

The long square is surrounded by Renaissance, Barque, and Empire buildings with arcades. Particularly notable, among others, are the adorned building “U rytířů,” the original Gothic town hall, and the...


Three crosses and the Baroque sculpture of the Virgin Mary and St. John with two angels. The author of the sculpture is Jiří Pacák. The Stations of the Cross includes four Baroque chapels.

Church of Advancement of St. Cross.
Church of Advancement of St. Cross

Gothic church from the second half of the 14th century, reconstructed later on. The triple-nave basilica, with an unusually long presbytery, forms almost one-half the length of the church. Most of the...
tel.: 461612263

Church of St. Nicholas.
Church of St. Nicholas

tel.: 605471759

Hřebeč mining trails.
Hřebeč mining trails

The trail is about 70 km long and includes 22 educational stops, which familiarise visitors with the mining that no longer exists and the geological findings from the Moravska Třebova Region, history of...

Monastery Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross.
Monastery Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross

Rare baroque pilgrimage complex on the peak of Kalvárie built from 1712 -1714 by the owner of the Jaromer estate and with the highest territorial judge, F. Šubíř of Chobyně according to a design by the...
tel.: 461326445, 731452988

461326445 731452988
Pastýřka lookout tower.
Pastýřka lookout tower

The proudly standing outlook tower at Pastviska (516 m above sea level) was designed by Antonin Olšina, who designed the well known covered outlook tower of Jára Cimrman in Březové nad Svitavou. The shepherdess...

Piarist Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross and Piarist college.
Piarist Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross and Piarist college

Piarist Church "Discovery of the Holy. Cross". It was built between 1714-1722 by the Italian architect Giovanni Battista Alliprandi and was completed after his death in the year 1720 by František Maximilian...
tel.: 727878444

Polička - town monument zone.
Radkov - castle remains.
Radkov - castle remains

Ruins of a castle likely from the 13th century that earlier guarded the trade route through the Třebůvka River valley; the site is shrouded in mystery even for historians as there are no traces of a building...

Sentry Hill Observation Tower.
Sentry Hill Observation Tower

The wooden observation tower with steel components in the shape of mining gallery reinforcements is 17 m tall. The viewing platform is located at a height of 14 m up and 67 steps lead to it. The observation...

Svitavy - Peace Square - town monument zone.
Svitavy - Peace Square - town monument zone

The town square has witnessed continual architectural innovation over the centuries. Proof of the fact that civic houses were built spontaneously along the medieval road is found in the layout of the square...

Toulovcovy maštale - nature preserve.
Toulovcovy maštale - nature preserve

A remarkable group of rock formations, deep canyon valleys, rock-cities, caves, and even individual rocks named according to what they look like (Columbus Egg, Plated Boat, etc.). The entire territory...
tel.: 469319413

Bedřich Smetana's parental home.
Bedřich Smetana's parental home

A stylized flat from the childhood of Bedrich Smetana.
tel.: 461616723, 461615287

461616723 461615287
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