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Technical monuments and planetariums


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Technical monuments and planetariums Technical monuments and planetariums.

  • basket Industrial Museum Mladějov
    Industrial Museum Mladějov. The grounds of a former clayworks, exhibits industrial machinery and equipment from the neighbouring narrow-guage track with a space of 600 mm offering an attractive means of transportation during the summer season in Hřebeč.
    Telephone: 604635779, 721546801
    Address: Mladějov č.121, Mladějov na Moravě
  • basket Hradec Králové Observatory and Planetarium
    Hradec Králové Observatory and Planetarium. The observatory was constructed from 1947 to 1961. The building houses also Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and Institute of Atmospheric Physics. It is built on the range between Zámeček and Nový Hradec Králové.
    Telephone: 495264087, 495270959, 737456777
    Address: Zámeček 456, Hradec Králové
  • basket Information centre of Renewable Sources and hydroelectric power plant Hučák
    Information centre of Renewable Sources and hydroelectric power plant Hučák. Art Nouveau building of the small hydro power plant Hucak on the Elbe River. The city council of Hradec Kralove decided to construct it in 1908.
    Telephone: 492122660, 725781564, 725781565
    Address: Křižíkova 233, Hradec Králové
  • basket Dřevíček - mill and museum
    Dřevíček - mill and museum. A roller mill equipped in 1925-1939. A francis turbine serves to power all of the equipment. Transfers via pulleys and leather belts.
    Telephone: 739049450, 491487136
    Address: č.p. 3, Horní Dřevíč, Stárkov
  • basket Observatory of Baron Arthur Kraus
    Observatory of Baron Arthur Kraus. The observatory, which is in service from 1992, employs several telescopes up to the size of 45 cm reflector.
    Telephone: 466310563, 603165366
    Address: Gorkého 2658, Pardubice
  • basket Museum of Rosice nad Labem
    Museum of Rosice nad Labem. A well-arranged collection of objects documenting railway history, particularly in the Pardubice Region, as well as public transportation in the city of Pardubice. Trips in historic motor vehicles, historic trolleybuses, etc. can be organized.
    Telephone: 604926620
    Address: Nádražní 53, Pardubice
  • basket Boleslav Tecl Planetarium
    Boleslav Tecl Planetarium. Astronomical observatory designed primarily for organizing popular instructional programs with an astronomical theme, observing the solar photosphere, observing the night sky.
    Telephone: 604864847, 461316786, 731151790
    Address: Jevíčská 1330/60, Moravská Třebová
  • basket Collection of rustic structures in Vysočina - Veselý Kopec
    Collection of rustic structures in Vysočina - Veselý Kopec. Timber settlements are freely scattered in the original countryside and were brought here from the area of Žďárské vrchy and Železné hory.
    Telephone: 469326415, 469333175
    Address: Veselý kopec
  • basket Bohumír Mine
    Bohumír Mine. Bohumír copper mine in Jívce. It is a gallery that was excavated at the beginning of the 19th century and completely closed in 1970.
    Telephone: 499829842, 724805646
    Address: Jívka 187
  • basket Seč - water feeder
    Seč - water feeder. A 3 m long piece of the original wooden piping has been preserved and is located behind the fence of the power plant. The original wooden material has been replaced by metal. Other pieces of pipe are exhibited at the Town Office building in Seč and within the Seč Beach Motor Camp site
    Telephone: 469676108
    Address: pod hrází, Seč
  • basket Berl's Lime Factory - Závratec Lime Factory
    Berl's Lime Factory - Závratec Lime Factory. The lime works previously served to process raw materials mined in nearby Prachovnice, from where they were transported by an approximately 5 km long basket cableway. Following the Second World War production began to stagnate and was terminated for good in 1960.
    Telephone: 461105405
    Address: Závratec-Třemošnice
  • basket Choceň - rock cross-section
    Choceň - rock cross-section. It was established after the tunnel was created during the electrification of the trail in 1949 – 1953. Today, a reinforced concrete bridge arches over this cross-section.
    Address: Choceň
  • basket Ledská - water mill
    Ledská - water mill. Baroque water mill with a half-timbered loft and shingled roof. It is encircled by a large yard lined with farm buildings.
    Address: č.p. 56, Hřibiny-Ledská
  • basket Opočno - sheet pile path
    Opočno - sheet pile path. Preserved sheet pile path carved into the cliff and lined with a number of historical building structures of Baroque origin, which together with the stone supporting walls, characterizes the original method of building towns in diverse landscapes.
    Address: Podkostelí, Opočno
  • basket Peklo - covered bridge
    Peklo - covered bridge. This roofed road bridge on truss girders with hip roof covered in shingle is 17 m long and 5 m wide. The bridge was built in 1840 and reconstructed in 1982.
    Address: Vamberk, Peklo
  • basket Poldr Žichlínek
    Poldr Žichlínek. Dam along the river Moravska Sázava in the community Žichlínek. The area total 186 hectares and the retention volume is 5.9 million m3. The total length of the dam is 1574 m at a maximum height of 7.6m.
    Address: Žichlínek
  • basket Old imperial road
    Old imperial road. The only preserved section of an 18th century road, which connects Vamberk with Rybna nad Zdobnice.
    Address: Rybná nad Zdobnicí
  • basket Písečná - water mill
    Písečná - water mill.
    Telephone: 737648926
    Address: Mlýn, čp. 35, Písečná u Žamberka
  • basket Sopotnice - bread oven
    Sopotnice - bread oven. A fully functional replica of a so-called dundeen - a wood-heated Gothic bread oven. It is built from 3000 fired bricks. You can bake up to 40 loaves of bread at once inside the oven.
    Address: Sopotnice
  • basket Automatic mills
    Automatic mills. The first reference of the mill dates back to 1586, a new mill was built later on, which was the property of the Winternitz brotehrs. The mill buildings and silos are registered national technical listed buildings. The complex belongs to the top ten largest facilities of its type in the CR.
    Address: Mezi Mosty 436, Pardubice
  • basket Bydžovská Lhotka - chicory drying room
    Bydžovská Lhotka - chicory drying room. One of the last drying rooms in the Czech Republic preserved in its original form. Chicory was grinded and used as a coffee substitute. The final product was called cikorka. Balounkova cikorka produced in Nový Bydžov was very well known.
    Address: č.p. 52, Měník, Bydžovská Lhotka
  • basket (Dřevěná lávka)
    (Dřevěná lávka). The wooden footbridge from 1886 leading to the castle park. The bridge has undergone several renovations. It is still in the same place and still connects the upper chateau park Arboretum Žampach, with its paths to Castle Žampach and around the castle foregrounds.
    Address: Žampach 1
  • basket Signal towerat the guard's house
    Technical monument from the time of the construction of the Olomouv - Prague railway.
    Address: Orlické Podhůří
  • basket Úpice Observatory
    Úpice Observatory. The observatory was put into service in 1959 and at present it pursues popularization activities and holds summer astronomical expeditions. It employs two cupolas, with the largest telescope of 42 cm size.
    Telephone: 499882289
    Address: U Lipek 160, Úpice
  • basket Ivan Lake - water reservoir
    Ivan Lake - water reservoir. The impounding solid quarry stone dam built in 1905 - 1910 serves for recreational purposes and as a protection against floods.
    Address: Rychnov nad Kněžnou
  • basket Jevíčko - ""Hitler's Highway" bridge
    Jevíčko - ""Hitler's Highway" bridge. Remains of so-called “Hitler’s exterritorial highway” that was to connect Wroclaw and Vienna. The name was derived from the fact that while it was to run through Czechoslovak territory, it was to belong to the German Reich. Czechoslovak citizens could also use the highway but could only enter at certain...
  • basket Korečnický mill
    Korečnický mill. One of the oldest building structures in Doubrava, apparently it is mentioned is foundation charters. Its name is derived from the water wheel with buckets (i.e. boxes between wheels). The Korecnicky (bucket) mill is the home of the writer and journalist Ferdinand Schulze (1835-1935).
    Address: Ronov nad Doubravou
  • basket Křižanovice - water works
    Křižanovice - water works. Gravitational, direct dam with a triangular profile from simple vibrated concrete without a protective zone, 130 metres long at the crown. A water electric plant with a Francis turbine is located on the left bank of the Chrudimka River. The reservoir is connected to the Práčov equalization pond by a...
    Telephone: 469679114
    Address: Křižanovice
  • basket Moravian bridge with power station
    Moravian bridge with power station. A Moravian bridge built on the River Orlice in its regulation in the years 1910-1914. The bridge connects by the road the old and the new city of Hradec Králové. Hydroelectric power station was built between 1913 and 1914.
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket Bridge with a statue of St. John of Nepomuk
    Bridge with a statue of St. John of Nepomuk. Single arch stone bridge with a younger railing and Classical, strongly Baroque looking statue of a saint with a sorrowful expression and embracing a crucifix. The voluted pedestal bears a relief of the illuminated language and the year 1816.
    Address: J. Opletala, Králíky
  • basket Alba flume
    Alba flume. The manmade flume at the mill is one of the oldest water works in East Bohemia. The channel is 17.5 km long and was built in the 15th the century.
    Address: Častolovice
  • basket Pařížov - water reservoir
    Pařížov - water reservoir. Solid quarry stone water reservoir built on the Doubravka river in 1913 serves recreational and fishing purposes. The dam is 31 m high and 142 m long in the crest.
    Telephone: 469662116
  • basket Smuggler's footbridge
    Smuggler's footbridge. The footbridge was originally built for bringing down wood from the manor forests; however, at night it was used for smuggling various goods.
  • basket Pastviny I. - water works
    Pastviny I. - water works. Originally pumped storage water plant, the dam was built in 1933 - 1938 and is now used only at peak times. The solid brick dam is 43 m long and 192.7 m long in the crest.
  • basket Plácky - road bridge
    Plácky - road bridge. The road bridge over the River Elbe originates from the early 20th century. The construction of the bridge is concrete with one low segmented arch which is supported against the massive riverfront pillars. It is a very rare technical landmark made in Art Nouveau style.
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket Prague Bridge
    Prague Bridge. A single-arch iron bridge across the River Elbe was built in 1910 by J. Kotěra and became a decoration of the town. The construction of the bridge is equipped with lighting columns and arches above the road and with round structures on the bridgeheads.
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket Přelouč - small hydro power plant
    Přelouč - small hydro power plant. Run-of-the-river plant on the 116th kilometer of the ELbe River. It was originally equipped with four Francis vertical turbines. Two turbo generator units were replaced in 2003 with Kaplan turbines with an output of 677 kW. The installed electrical output totals 2340 kW.
    Telephone: 840840840
    Address: Přelouč
  • basket The first Březovský water main
    The first Březovský water main. At the beginning of the 20th century, groundwater water sources were used in nearby Muzlova The first Březov water main for the city Brno was built in 1911-1913, which had a negative impact on the fate of the adjacent area. The community Muzlov was evacuated after 1948 and decontaminated. A similar fate...
    Telephone: 725663760
    Address: Březová nad Svitavou
  • basket Rychtářský Forest retention reservoir
    Flood pool for retaining rainwater and its ensuing controlled drainage in harmless amounts.
    Address: Albrechtice
  • basket Rozkoš - water reservoir
    Rozkoš - water reservoir. Embankment water dam 26 m high and with 420 m long crest. The north part is used for recreational and the south part for water resources purposes.
  • basket Rumpál's well Mařín - well
    Rumpál's well Mařín - well. Mařín settlement was founded in 1790 and in that very same year work started on the municipal well, which was completed in 1793, when the first settlers acquired their land. The well was approximately 30 metres deep at the time and was deepened even further to its current state of 68,5 metres in 1824...
    Address: Jevíčko, Mařín
  • basket Seč - water reservoir
    Seč - water reservoir. Impounding dam reservoir built on the river Chrudimka in 1925 - 34 serves as a protection against floods and also for recreational and waterworks purposes. The brick dam is 42 m high and 165 m long. Wooden feeder leads to a hydro power plant equipped with Francis turbine. The equalizing reservoir Seč...
  • basket Polička Private Observatory
    Polička Private Observatory. The private observatory in Polička was established in 1985.
    Telephone: 736449536
    Address: Svépomoc 199, Polička
  • basket Suchovršice - covered bridge
    Suchovršice - covered bridge. The unique structure of this bridge built in 1922 is well known to experts. It is a roofed bridge of duplex girder truss system, 24 m long, 4 m wide and the height of the roof ridge above the water level is 8 m.
    Address: Úpice
  • basket Tyrš Bridge
    Tyrš Bridge. The bridge is 60 m long and 16 m wide. It was designed by ing. Dr. Fifka and ing. Moravec, finalised by Josef Gočár.
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket At Five Canals - railway viaduct
    At Five Canals - railway viaduct. A viaduct from 1845 bisecting the Struha Stream bed just before its confluence with the Elbe River.
    Address: Valy
  • basket Verměřovice - stone bridge
    Verměřovice - stone bridge. The stone bridge from the 2nd half of the 19th century is built from sandstone blocks from the quarry in Klášterec nad Orlicí. The bridge is 29 m long and 4 m wide, it spans across the Ticha Orlice River.
    Address: Verměřovice
  • basket Water tower
    Water tower. The tower water reservoir was built in 1936-37 and stands on the St. John's hill in the city district of Nový Hradec Králové, and still supplies water. The full tank volume is 320 m3 and total height of the building is 38.5 m.
    Address: Husova, Hradec Králové
  • basket Hydroelectric power plant
    Hydroelectric power plant. The hydroelectric power plant is unique in that it is the first fully automated plant in the former Czechoslovakia. It has been in operation since 1932. In 2007, the power plant underwent its last major reconstruction. It works with the original machinery, most of the mechanical parts are original, even...
    Address: Litice nad Orlicí, Záchlumí
  • basket Water power of Korečnický mill
    Water power of Korečnický mill. Noteworthy technical item of uniqueness, used to create a gradient of over 7 m. It is the greatest gradient ever artificially made in Doubrava. The motor is in the upper part led through a rock tunnel. It is very old and its origin is not known.
    Address: Ronov nad Doubravou
  • basket Opatovice Canal - canal
    Opatovice Canal - canal. This water canal was built in 1498 - 1521 to use the Labe water for feeding a large network of artificial fishing lakes founded by the local lord. The canal is 34.7 km long and the bed width is between 1,5 - 5 m.
  • basket Semín aqueduct
    Semín aqueduct. The multi-level intersection of the Opatovice Canal with local Sopřečský Stream is called Mulda.
    Address: Semín
  • basket Bystré - Former lime factory
    Bystré - Former lime factory. Address: Bystré
  • basket Pastviny - bridge
    Pastviny - bridge. Address: Pastviny
  • basket Zderaz - sandstone cellars
    Zderaz - sandstone cellars.
    Telephone: 721906840
    Address: Zderaz
  • basket Lower oven
    The double stone blast furnace for burning limestone was built by builder Patleich of Hützing. It is the oldest and only standing furnace in the municipality, which was known for its extraction of high quality limestone in the past.
    Address: Vápenný Podol
  • basket Hampl's mill
    A bakery belonged to the mill long ago. Now the mill belongs to the inheritants of the original owners (restitution in the 1990s). The miller's symbol is noticeable till this day on the mill's builing.
    Address: Klešice
  • basket Hamry - water reservoir
    The oldest water work on the Chrudimka River, one of the first dams with an embankment dam in the Czech Republic. The dam is 208 m long and 17 m tall, it holds back a 66 hectare lake. The reservoir is used as a source of drinking water.
    Address: Hamry
  • basket Keprt's Mill
    Mill, sawmill, engine room, boiler room and chimney.
    Address: Kunvald
  • basket Klapák
    It is a British engineering truss bridge of the Bailey Bridge type. It connects the local district Malšovice (Přímská Street) and Silesian suburbs (Na Mlejnku Street). It is nicknamed "clapper", "iron man" or "pounder" - it earned these nicknames primarily for the noise it emitted at the time when cars...
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket Footbridge over the Orlice River
    Footbridge over the Orlice River. Pedestrian and bicycle footbridge that connects the campus of the University of of Hradec Králové with Jirásek's Park. It was built according to the design of Czech - German architect Mirko Baum.
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket Lukavice - pyrite mines
    Pyrite was mined in Lukavice as early as 1620. The depth of the mining shafts reaches 210 metres. Mine entrances have been preserved and information boards introduce visitors to the history of mining.
    Telephone: 469670151
    Address: Lukavice
  • basket Osík - stone bridge
    The stone bridge arched over the Desinka River is a cultural monument. A statue is found on ech end. The statue of St. Antonin Paduansky is 165 cm tall, dating back to the 18th century and the author is unknown. The authors of the second statue - St. Vaclav - are J. Vašata and V. Kroupa. It is 167 cm...
    Address: Osík
  • basket Rtyně v Podkrkonoší - observatory
    The private observatory in Rtyně in Podkrkonoší was opened in 1980. The dominant feature of the observatory is the dome with a diameter of 8 metres. It focuses on photographing stars and testing new optical devices.
    Telephone: 499787384
    Address: K Hvězdárně 719, Rtyně v Podkrkonoší
  • basket Suchovršice - wooden bridge
    The 26 metre long and 4 metre wide bridge dates back from 1912 and carries Úpice-Trutnov road traffic over the Úpa.
    Address: Suchovršice
  • basket Water weir at Křetínka
    Unique water weir structure on the river Křetínec with a so-called transer for fish and connection with the pond Šindelka.
    Address: Svojanov
  • basket Railway bridge
    Bridge of the former railway Skuteč - Polička that was relayed in the area of today's stations Žďárec at Skutče - Skuteč city in the early 30s of the last century. The bridge over the creek Žejbro is vaulted and made from granite blocks. It dates from 1897 and is still relatively in good condition.
    Address: Žďárec u Skutče
  • basket Zminky - artificial water channel
    Zminky - artificial water channel. The water lead is 11.5 km long and was built in the 15th century during the times of the dramatic development of fishpond cultivation in East Bohemia. It serves to supply the pond grouups around Zminne that no longer exist and to supply several ponds.
    Address: Dvakačovice
  • basket Jevíčko - ""Hitler's Highway" bridge
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