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Military monuments


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Military monuments Military monuments.

  • basket Kahan III - Cold War Museum
    Kahan III - Cold War Museum. An object of the former pre-war fortification system, rebuilt for new warfare methods and research by the army, the Ministry of the Interior, and the needs of the State Secret Security. Reconstruction into a nuclear bomb shelter began in 1986 in the framework of a highly confidential project with the...
    Telephone: 776211991
    Address: Dobrošov u Náchoda
  • basket Hůrka artillery fort
    Hůrka artillery fort. Hurka fort represents one of the pillars of Czechoslovak fortifications from 1935 - 1938. It consists of massive combat building structures in the highest resistance - so-called cabins (walls and roof slabs are 350 cm thick) and a large underground system of corridors and halls deep in the rock massif...
    Telephone: 606669888
    Address: č.p. 1938, Králíky
  • basket Dobrošov - fortress - military fortifications
    Dobrošov - fortress - military fortifications. An unfinished artillery fortress, part of the Czechoslovak border fortifications from 1935-1938, with a tour of the extensive underground areas. The fortress was intended to protect the Náchod valley.
    Telephone: 491426047
    Address: Dobrošov
  • basket Museum of Czechoslovak Fortification from 1935-38 - Infantry cabin K-S 14 "At the brickworks"
    Museum of Czechoslovak Fortification from 1935-38 - Infantry cabin K-S 14 "At the brickworks". The artillery cabin named K-S 14 is a two-winged building on both sides that dates back to 1936. The building's dominant feature comprises two combat casemates and space for mortar support during battle. In the building's surroundings, an obstacle system is gradually being renewed.
    Telephone: 737928569
    Address: Pivovarská ulice, Králíky
  • basket Infantry blockhouse K-S 5 U Potoka
    Infantry blockhouse K-S 5 U Potoka. This infantry cabin is one of the biggest of its kind. In the reconstructed interior you will find an exhibition on the Czechoslovak fortification system.
    Telephone: 775301233, 777027004
    Address: Dolní Morava, Králíky
  • basket Hanička - fortress - military fortifications
    Hanička - fortress - military fortifications. The Hanička artillery fort is part of the pre-war fortification system built in the 1930’s mainly against the Germans. The fort takes its feminine name from a nearby settlement. The fort was composed of six defence bunkers connected by hundreds of metres of corridors and halls. The massive halls could...
    Telephone: 491616998, 494595393, 736752218
    Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách
  • basket Březinka - wooden infantry blockhouse
    Březinka - wooden infantry blockhouse. Infantry cabin N-S 84 Water, which was once a civil defense shelter, serves as the entrance gate to the open-air musem. The heart of the open-air museum is infantry cabin N-S 82 Březinka, which has been administered by the Military History Club Náchod since the end of 1989. Today the site is restored...
    Telephone: 731886069, 603776961
    Address: Náchod
  • basket Vysoký Kámen Museum - Czechoslovak fortification
    Vysoký Kámen Museum - Czechoslovak fortification. Cezchoslovak fortification buildings from 1936-1938 and their subsequent post-war reactivation. You can see a heavyweight fortification building, the K - S25, furthermore three lightweight fortification buildings. Number 260 in the form of post-war reactivation from the 1960s-70s, no. 59 in the form...
    Telephone: 724333769
    Address: Těchonín
  • basket Nízká - infantry cabin R-S 72
    Nízká - infantry cabin R-S 72. A double-sided infantry bunker built in Arabic resistance with a porthole for a 9 cm mortar as part of the line of heavy fortifications under the 2nd construction sub-division – Kunvald. The two-floor structure was built in the 2nd class of resistance and was to be able to resist strikes by artillery...
    Telephone: 606604854
    Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách
  • basket T-S 19 Turov infantry cabin
    T-S 19 Turov infantry cabin. A part of the pre-war fortification line in the Nachod and Trutnov regions. The building was designed in the second degree of resistance. Together with artillery cabin T-S 20 Na Pláni its task was to block off the enemy's way through the Jestřeb Mountains - Fort Chlívec area.
    Telephone: 606236799, 728923206
    Address: Hronov, Rokytník
  • basket Průsek - infantry cabin R-S-87
    Průsek - infantry cabin R-S-87. A finely preserved structure holding the original plated bell. A mortar porthole for 9 cm shells was mounted on the left side. In the sights was Komáří Hill with a lookout and a nearby road.
    Telephone: 605590861, 723265536
  • basket The artillery stronghold of Bouda
    The artillery stronghold of Bouda. Building from 1935-1938 is the most preserved building of its kind in the Czech Republic. It comprises of five battle buildings of the highest degree of resistence (walls and ceiling panels are 350 cm thick) and an extensive system of underground corridors and a room deep in the rock (ca. 1.5 km long)...
    Telephone: 777647114
    Address: Těchonín
  • basket Lightweight building model. 37 No. 315 on Panské Field
    Lightweight building model. 37 No. 315 on Panské Field. Professionally renovated lightweight building model. 37 (so-called řopík) including complete internior gear and equipment.
    Telephone: 606456654
    Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách
  • basket Josefov Fortress
    Josefov Fortress. Josefov Fort, which hides labyrinth of underground corridors of the length of 45 km, was built from 1780 to 1787 at the instance of emperor Joseph II and was to serve as protection of provincial frontiers against offensive Prussia. Today it is a universal unique landmark of such a kind.
    Telephone: 491812343
    Address: Okružní 34, Jaroměř – Josefov
  • basket Military museum Lichkov
    Military museum Lichkov. A museum in two separate infantry bunkers, K-S 32 “At the Corner” and K-S 31 "U Besídky" .
    Telephone: 603393575
    Address: Lichkov
  • basket Odolov - infantry cabin T-S 26
    Odolov - infantry cabin T-S 26. A structure of the former Czechoslovak defence fortifications from 1935-1938, built in 1938 as part of the Odolovský fortification barrier. The object concerns a two-story, double-sided structure whose main task was to guard and defend the only road across the Jestřebí Mts.
    Telephone: 607946032, 606152792
    Address: Úpice
  • basket Skutina Fortress - military fortification
    Skutina Fortress - military fortification. The Skutina fortress was designed as six structures over the length of 1,350 metres (two of which were to be infantry bunkers, although only one was ever completed) connected by underground corridors with a narrow-gauge railway line. The planned military crew was to consist of 464 troops. The surface...
    Telephone: 603521468
    Address: Sedloňov
  • basket U Křížku - blockhouse for infantry T-S 5
    U Křížku - blockhouse for infantry T-S 5. Double-sided infantry bunker T-S 5, 2nd degree of resistance.
    Telephone: 728747710
    Address: Na Chlomku, Hronov - Zbečník
  • basket Military museum Králíky
    Military museum Králíky. The museum is situated directly in the middle of an extensive and extremely massively built zone of the Czechoslovak defence fortifications in 1935-1938. Located in the immediate vicinity are a large number of various types of preserved fortress structures.
    Telephone: 608478732, 604407901
    Address: Prostřední Lipka 1, Králíky
  • basket Jaroslav - infantry cabin N-S 47
    Jaroslav - infantry cabin N-S 47. Two-sided artillery cabin of 3rd degree resistance, built near Skutina fortress. The cabin is a part of the fortification line of the Czechoslovak fortification from 1938. The main loophole was removed and walled-in. Only the untraditional entry loophole has been preserved.
    Telephone: 606909028
    Address: Sedloňov
  • basket Infantry blockhouse N-S 74 “Na Holém”
    Infantry blockhouse N-S 74 “Na Holém”. During the Munich crisis the blockhouse was fully equipped and armed with anti-tank guns and machine guns. Although the inner part is inaccessible, the blockhouse is worth seeing due to its exceptional preservation. The blockhouse has also well preserved anti-tank ditch and a system of anti-tank obstacles...
    Telephone: 607724428
    Address: Bartošovice v Orlických horách
  • basket Artillery cabin T - S 1a
    Artillery cabin T - S 1a. Infantry cabin, which was built in the years 1935 - 1938 as part of the fortification system built to defend the former Czechoslovakia.
    Telephone: 724966138
  • basket Fortification building K – S 8 U nádraží
    Fortification building K – S 8 U nádraží. On both sides heavy border fortification building from 1936. Its main military task was to create a barrage in the direction of the neighbouring buildings and to direct firing from the armoured copula to the forefronts of the Hůrka firing fortress. A secondary task was to cover the railway in the direction...
    Telephone: 244465356, 603780409, 603595021
    Address: Červený Potok, Králíky
  • basket Pláň - infantry cabin T-S 20
    Pláň - infantry cabin T-S 20. Partially reconstructed independent cabin of Czechoslovak fortification from 1935-1938.
    Telephone: 731971482
  • basket Independent artillery observatory K – S 12b Utržený
    Independent artillery observatory K – S 12b Utržený. The most preserved building in the Králicka fortification area, representing a unique type of cabin (three-storey design), on which the last ironclad bell in Králicka has been preserved. The lookout provides a beautiful view of the fortification, the Králický Sněžník and Hrubý Jeseník. There are rare...
    Telephone: 774893207
    Address: Červený Potok, Králíky
  • basket Infantry cabin K-S 37 Observation Tower
    Double-sided detached infantry bunker built in 2nd degree of resistance.
    Telephone: 465614909, 603177364
    Address: Náchod-Pavlišov
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 73 Crane
    The infantry cabin Crane was the first building constructed of artillery fort Dobrošov. It was completed in 1938.
    Telephone: 724120498
    Address: Náchod
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 78 Poland
    The bunker was a part of the fortification system of pre-war Czechoslovakia and could hold a crew of 23 men.
    Address: Náchod
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 79 Grave
    The bunker was part of the fortification system of pre-war Czechoslovak Republic and could hold a crew numbering 29 men.
    Address: Náchod
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 80 Jirásek
    The infantry cabin was part of the fortification system of Czechslovakia and could accommodate a crew of 29 men. The cabin building was severely devastated after an attempt at blasting off the ceiling with explosives.
    Address: Náchod
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 81 Quarry
    Infantry cabin N S-81 was built in 1938 and has two shooting bells that were torn down and taken away during the war.
    Telephone: 731886069
    Address: Náchod
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 84 Water
    The bunker was part of the fortification system of pre-war Czechoslovak Republic and could hold a crew numbering 29 men.
    Telephone: 731886069
    Address: Náchod
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 88 Transformator
    There was a shooting room in the left side of the building. And in the so-called "ear" there was a bell installed for a light machine gun. Then on the right side the cabin had twin heavy machine guns in the dome, which had a shot range at the border crossing in Běloves.
    Address: Náchod-Babí
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 89 Double
    Address: Náchod-Babí
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 90 Water Tower
    Infantry cabin built from 08 December, 1937 to 13 December, 1937. The cabin accommdated a total of 39 men in 1938.
    Telephone: 603928600
    Address: Náchod-Pavlišov
  • basket Infantry blockhouse T-S 27"Above the road"
    The independent, two-winged infantry chalet is 1st class resistant. It was commissioned in 1938. The main munition included an anti-tank cannon with a heavy gun and a pair of heavy guns. 24 soldiers formed the crew. During the occupation, both gunports of the main weapons were torn out.
    Telephone: 732633022, 739618110, 737842435
    Address: Odolov
  • basket Infantry cabin T-S 44 On the Hill
    Infantry cabin from 1938. Shoting bells were not supplied to the Munich Agreement and thus the building could never be completed.
    Telephone: 775072625
    Address: Radvanice
  • basket Infantry cabin T-S 55 On the Hillside
    Isolated right-hand infantry bunker. Inside there are uniquely preserved messages from the First Republic and the occupation. There are also exhibitions dedicated to Czechoslovak fortifications and the 2nd World War.
    Telephone: 499892017, 605559520
    Address: Chvaleč
  • basket Ravelin No. XIV.
    Defense element of Fort Josefov (part of the exterior rampart). Under reconstruction since 1994. All that remains of the ravelin is the outer wall and remnants of the rampart, however the reduit has been preserved completely, an entry leads from it into the underground.
    Telephone: 723456789
    Address: Josefov
  • basket Infantry cabin N-S 92 White
  • basket The first military-history museum of M. Frost and the W. Matuška Museum

    Telephone: 491812343, 775976499
    Address: Riegrovo náměstí 7, Jaroměř II.
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