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Education trails Education trails.

  • basket Chlum - educational trail with posted information
    Chlum - educational trail with posted information. The physically undemanding educational trail starts from the museum of war in 1866 on Chlum (about 2 km north of the road Hradec Králové - Jičín). It uses 20 information panels with maps and explanations to introduce visitors to war history, funeral art and relics of the Prussian-Austrian War in 1866...
    Telephone: 495447058
  • basket Galactic Trail
    Galactic Trail. The trail shows the 11 most known celestial objects in our galaxy and a neighbouring galaxy - the Large Magellanic Cloud. The distance of the stations and size of the objects shown on the information panels correspond to a scale of 1:170 billions.
    Telephone: 495264087, 495270959, 737456777
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket Educational Spa Trail
    Educational Spa Trail. This educational trail contains 10 information panels, primarily concerning the flora and history of this locality. The route also leads to the corner of the Chlum forest, to the former gravel pit and lake.
    Telephone: 495490330
    Address: Nový Bydžov
  • basket Svíb Educational Trail
    Svíb Educational Trail. The educational trail circuit of medium difficulty starting from the village common of Čistěves uses 20 panels to provide information on war history, funeral art and relics of the Prussian-Austrian War in 1866.
    Telephone: 495447058
    Address: Čistěves
  • basket Nový Bydžov hiking trail
    Nový Bydžov hiking trail. The trail on two routes (blue an red) familiarises visitors with the history of the city, its points of interest and historical monuments.
    Address: Nový Bydžov
  • basket Charles' Crown - chateau
    Charles' Crown - chateau. The Karlova Koruna Chateau was built as a summer residence in 1721-1723 by Count František Ferdinand Kinský – the highest chancellor and highest gamekeeper in the Czech Kingdom, according to the plan of one of the foremost Baroque builders, Jan Santini Aichel. Construction of the chateau took only three...
    Telephone: 495484519, 721176272
    Address: Pražská 1, Chlumec nad Cidlinou
  • basket Municipal Forests of Hradec Králové - educational trail with posted information
    Municipal Forests of Hradec Králové - educational trail with posted information. The educational trail familiariyes visitors with the local nature, certain stops are equipped with feeders, which offer additional feeding to birds during periods of low food supply.
    Telephone: 495272656
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket Planetary trail in Hradec Králové
    Planetary trail in Hradec Králové. The trail is a model of our solar system on a 1:1,000,000,000 scale with corresponding dimensions of the sun, planets, and the distances you must travel between them. Located at each station is a small orb representing the planet and a board with basic information and interesting points regarding the...
    Telephone: 495264087, 495270959, 737456777
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket Fairytale educational trail
    Fairytale educational trail. The fairytale journey through the Hradec Králové forests familiarizes visitors with 10 fairytales of the artist and writer Marta Pohnerová, trees, fauna and forestry.
    Telephone: 495272656
  • basket Prehistoric archaeology trail
    Prehistoric archaeology trail. Bicycle path along archaeologically interesting places around Hradec Králové. On the trail there are 14 information panels, which familiarise you with the main archaeological sources and periods of prehistory.
    Telephone: 731541960
    Address: Hradec Králové
  • basket Through nature around the Podorlicko museum in Krňovice - educational trail
    Through nature around the Podorlicko museum in Krňovice - educational trail. An educational trail with an observation post. It has a total of 7 stops dedicated to natural values in the area and revitalisation of watercourses.
    Address: Krňovice
  • basket Fitline health trail
    The trail includes 10 stations, called and marked by pictures according to the Ten Commandments of a healthy diet.
    Telephone: 733508367, 604898254
    Address: Libčany
  • basket Waterman's Trail - educational trail
    An easy trail, along which you can admire the beauty of the Hradec forests and ponds. Picturesque nature are is the setting fot stories of watermen, devils, talking fish and other fairytale creatures whose statues line the whole trail.
    Address: Hradec Králové
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