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Official tourist portal of Pardubice region

Eagle (Orlické) mountains and foothills - Tourist stamps


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Tourist stamps Tourist stamps.

  • basket Častolovice - chateau
    Častolovice - chateau. The history of Častolovice Chateau extends back to the 13th century when a water fortress stood in the valley of the confluence of the Bělá and Kněžna Rivers. This fortress was built on massive wooden pillars in the middle of the water. The structure was reconstructed as a Renaissance chateau at the...
    Telephone: 494323646, 732832442
    Address: Masarykova 1, Častolovice
  • basket New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí - chateau, museum and gallery
    New chateau Kostelec nad Orlicí - chateau, museum and gallery. The son of Prince Ferdinand, Count Josef Kinský, had this Empire style chateau built in 1829-1833 as the family residence. A reception room and library were built on the elevated ground floor; the first floor contained residential spaces.The Kostelec new chateau is one of the best Empire structures of...
    Telephone: 734709023, 731326423
    Address: Komenského 1, Kostelec nad Orlicí
  • basket New chateau near Lanškroun - chateau remains
    New chateau near Lanškroun - chateau remains. The chateau was built in the years 1699-1712 by Jan Adam Ondřej of Lichtenstein due to the fact that the smaller chateau in Lanškroun was no longer large enough for his needs. The new chateau had three floors and was built on an “H” shaped plan. There were 14 halls on each floor decorated with Baroque...
    Telephone: 776642277
    Address: Rudoltice
  • basket Cakle tourist hostel
    Cakle tourist hostel.
    Telephone: 604644418
    Address: Staré Oldřichovice 134, Ústí nad Orlicí
  • basket Fort Orlice
    Fort Orlice. The fortress was most likely built at the end of the 13th century. It was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau in the 16th century. After the nobility moved out of Orlice in 1650 to the chateau in Kyšperec, the building was modified for farming purposes.
    Telephone: 465677731
    Address: Orlice 1, Letohrad
  • basket Choceň - museum and chateau
    Choceň - museum and chateau. The Renaissance chateau with ground floor arcade in the courtyard was built in the second half of the 16th century. In 1829 the chateau burned and restorations were conducted in the Classicist style. In 1849-1850 the east wing of the chateau was reconstructed into the pseudo-Gothic Chapel of the Assumption...
    Telephone: 465471624
    Address: Pardubická 1, Choceň
  • basket Hanička - fortress - military fortifications
    Hanička - fortress - military fortifications. The Hanička artillery fort is part of the pre-war fortification system built in the 1930’s mainly against the Germans. The fort takes its feminine name from a nearby settlement. The fort was composed of six defence bunkers connected by hundreds of metres of corridors and halls. The massive halls could...
    Telephone: 491616998, 494595393, 736752218
    Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách
  • basket Tyrš observation tower - Rozálka
    Tyrš observation tower - Rozálka. A wooden observation tower was built in 1932 on Kapelský vrch on the western outskirts of Žamberk; the structure has a stone foundation and is also known under the name of Rozálka. The twenty metre tower has two observation decks – the first at the height of 16 metres and the second just under the top...
    Telephone: 465612946
    Address: Na Rozárce, Žamberk
  • basket Utzův mechanical nativity scene
    Utzův mechanical nativity scene.
    Telephone: 492601111, 732928374
    Address: č.p. 8, Olešnice v Orlických horách
  • basket Letohrad Craft Museum
    Letohrad Craft Museum. The Museum is located on the premises of Novy Dvur dating back to 1750. The 1650 m2 area is the largest museum of its type in the CR. It includes more than 50 complete expositions on handicrafts and trades from the period of 1840-1930. In addition to relatively known professions, such as a joiner or...
    Telephone: 465622160
    Address: Nový dvůr 143, Letohrad
  • basket Potštejn - chateau
    Potštejn - chateau. Perhaps as early as the first half of the 15th century the owners of the Potštejn domain built an aristocratic estate with a fortress to replace the run-down castle on the hill above the small town; the remains of this fortress can be identified today in the cellar of the chateau. The growth in the importance...
    Telephone: 494546064, 731764380
    Address: Jarníkova 1, Potštejn
  • basket Observation Tower on Dry Hill
    Observation Tower on Dry Hill. It was originally a water-tower built in 1931-1932. Today it is a thirty-metre outlook-tower near Kramarova tourist cottage named after the first First-Republican prime minister Karel Kramar. It overlooks the countryside - you can see Šerlich, Kralicky Sneznik, Kladsko region, Hruby Jesenik with Praded...
    Telephone: 702028153
    Address: Orličky 186, Orličky
  • basket Municipal museum
    Municipal museum. Originally the family residence of the Usti nad Labem textile entrepreneur Florian Henrych, which completely exceeds the local average with its representative form from the period of "floral Art Nouveau" and fully reflects the position of its original owner. The residence offers not only lavish stucco...
    Telephone: 465523653
    Address: 17. listopadu 72, Ústí nad Orlicí
  • basket The artillery stronghold of Bouda
    The artillery stronghold of Bouda. Building from 1935-1938 is the most preserved building of its kind in the Czech Republic. It comprises of five battle buildings of the highest degree of resistence (walls and ceiling panels are 350 cm thick) and an extensive system of underground corridors and a room deep in the rock (ca. 1.5 km long)...
    Telephone: 777647114
    Address: Těchonín
  • basket Dobruška - brewery and malt house
    Dobruška - brewery and malt house.
    Telephone: 494661905, 603290457
    Address: Křovická 267, Dobruška
  • basket House on the Choir
    House on the Choir. One of the historic founding sites of the Brethren of Unity in 1457.
    Telephone: 465619168, 465619160
    Address: č.p. 238, Kunvald
  • basket Litice nad Orlicí - castle
    Litice nad Orlicí - castle. Litice Castle was established near the end of the 13th century during the colonization of the sparse settlement at the time of the ancient border forest of northeastern Bohemia, which was royal property. The castle was built on a high rock promontory over the meandering Divoká Orlice River. By the end...
    Telephone: 465320627, 603232212
    Address: Litice nad Orlicí, Žamberk
  • basket Potštejn - castle ruins
    Potštejn - castle ruins. While only ruins remain today, Potštejn at one time was one of the largest and most important castles in the country. The castle changed owners many times after its founding in the 13th century. Important among these from a historical as well as a literary perspective was the Count Harbuval de Chamaré...
    Telephone: 494546812, 494546810, 603416959
    Address: Hrad Potštejn, Potštejn
  • basket Andrlův Chlum - Stříbrná krasavice - iron lookout tower
    Andrlův Chlum - Stříbrná krasavice - iron lookout tower. The first observation tower built on Anderlův chlum (559 metres above sea level) by Ústi nad Orlicí residents in 1905 unfortunately burned to the ground in 1918. A second provisional surveying tower from 1940 served until the 1960’s; in 1996 a 52 metre steel telecommunication tower was built and today...
    Telephone: 465525270
    Address: Ústí nad Orlicí
  • basket Doudleby nad Orlicí - chateau
    Doudleby nad Orlicí - chateau. The chateau was commissioned by Nicholas the Elder of Bubna. It originally served as a summer residence and was later used as a hunting lodge. What's interesting is that the Bubna family still owns the chateau (except for 1948-1993). The small but charming chateau is the work of Italian Renaissance artists...
    Telephone: 494383420, 777888083
    Address: Rudé armády 1, Doudleby nad Orlicí
  • basket Church of Our Lady of Sorrows
    Church of Our Lady of Sorrows. A pilgrimage site with the Church of the Sorrows of the Virgin Mary, a Baroque staircase, and with two chapels founded in 1692 by Countess Tereza Eleonor of Ugarte. The staircase decorated with statues and vases is a unique Central European architectural monument.
    Telephone: 731604685
    Address: Borovnice, Homole
  • basket Masaryk's cottage on Šerlich
    Masaryk's cottage on Šerlich. The chalet on Šerlich was built in 1924–25 by the Czech Tourist Club from Hradec Králové according to the design of architect Bohuslav Fuchs from Brno. The chalet was open to the public in the presence of Alois Jirásek on 14 September 1925.
    Telephone: 494663279, 737108804
    Address: č.p. 322, Deštné v Orlických horách 322
  • basket Opočno - chateau
    Opočno - chateau. The Renaissance chateau above the valley of the Golden Stream was built by the Czech noble family Trčkas of Lipa during the second half of the 16th century. The latitude of the concept and substantial family property were prerequisites for the construction of a vast complex with a main chateau building...
    Telephone: 494668216
    Address: Trčkovo nám. 1, Opočno
  • basket Osičina u Vojenic - lookout tower
    Osičina u Vojenic - lookout tower. Telecommunications tower with an observation platform at a height of 33 metres, built in 2002. When the weather is good, it is possible to see the ridges of the Krkonoše Mountains, the Orlický Mountains, Králický Sněžník and the Iron (Železný) Mountains
    Telephone: 739904752
    Address: Vojenice,
  • basket Vrbice - wooden lookout tower
    Vrbice - wooden lookout tower. A wooden 30 m observation tower with a steel staircase ceremoniously opened on 15 April 2006; the structure towers over the town of Vrbice u Kostelce nad Orlicí at an elevation of 445 m above sea level. The main lookout platforms are at the heights of 11 and 25.5 metres; 118 stairs lead to the upper...
    Telephone: 721640484
    Address: Vrbice
  • basket Kolowrat Chateau in Rychnov nad Kněžnou
    Kolowrat Chateau in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. The Early Baroque multi-story chateau was built by Fr. Karel Kolowrat in 1676-1690 (allegedly according to the plan by a northern Italian architect) In 1722 the chateau was lengthened, widened, and raised, likely according to the design by Jan Santini Aichel. The main chateau façade is elaborated to...
    Telephone: 605267238, 733189099, 494534916
    Address: Kolowratská 1, Rychnov nad Kněžnou
  • basket (Červenovodské sedlo) - site of special natural interest
    (Červenovodské sedlo) - site of special natural interest. Address: Orličky
  • basket (Kaple Navštívení Panny Marie - Kunštátská kaple)
    (Kaple Navštívení Panny Marie - Kunštátská kaple). The baroque Chapel of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary with a round floor plan was built on the ridge from 1760. The chapel was used as a placed of worship for lumberjacks, mostly from the Tirol, who had come to the Eagle Mountains in search of work. The chapel has been devastated several times by the...
  • basket Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes
    Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes. Pilgrimage site on the forest meadow not far from Přepychy village. The Stations of the Cross is situated here with fourteen stations (the fourteenth station is the Almighty's grave carved into stone). The dominant point of the pilgrimage site is the Chapel of the Virgin Mary from 1889.
    Telephone: 494628006, 731604055
    Address: Přepychy
  • basket All Saints Church
    All Saints Church. The folk wooden structure (hand cut oak planks in Byzantine-gothic style) with a tower and roof covered with shingles, was built in Velké Kopani na Podkarpatské Rusi. In 1857, the church was transferred to Chlomce u Sevljuše. The severely damaged church was transferred to Dobříkova by senator Václav...
    Telephone: 465424283, 776665132, 465481273, 732589588
    Address: Dobříkov
  • basket Kozlovský kopec - iron lookout tower
    Kozlovský kopec - iron lookout tower. Already a popular tourist destination for nearly a century, a new 55 metre high metal communication tower was added to Kozlov Hill in 2001; the tower features an observation deck at the height of 33 metres (174 stairs). In the 1930’s a 29 metre high triangular tower stood nearby and also served as a...
    Telephone: 602144116
    Address: Česká Třebová
  • basket Lanškroun - town monument zone
    Lanškroun - town monument zone. The historical centre with the most significant landmarks of the city.
    Address: Lanškroun
  • basket Lanšperk - castle ruins and lookout tower
    Lanšperk - castle ruins and lookout tower. The original castle was probably founded by Přemysl Otakar II in the middle of the 13th century during colonization of the area and abandoned at the end of the 16th century. Remains of the cellars and cross walls of the palace have been preserved up to now. In the east it is divided from today´s village...
    Address: Dolní Dobrouč
  • basket Marian Mountain - Pilgrimage Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary - pilgrimage site
    Marian Mountain - Pilgrimage Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary - pilgrimage site. The history of the pilgrimage site begins back in 1814, when carter A. Keprta was driving a load of mill stones through here. The vehicle turned over on the rutted road and the carter was left trapped under it. When he begged the Virgin Mary for help, an illumination of a woman appeared, who helped him...
    Telephone: 737747204, 605763463
    Address: Horní Čermná
  • basket Museum of the Doudleby - Vamberk - Rokytnice Track
    Museum of the Doudleby - Vamberk - Rokytnice Track.
    Telephone: 494595326, 494379023, 736752200, 491616995
    Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách
  • basket Pastviny I. - water works
    Pastviny I. - water works. Originally pumped storage water plant, the dam was built in 1933 - 1938 and is now used only at peak times. The solid brick dam is 43 m long and 192.7 m long in the crest.
  • basket (Pomník Járy Cimrmana)
    (Pomník Járy Cimrmana). Address: Letohrad
  • basket Rokytnice v Orlických horách - town monument zone
    Rokytnice v Orlických horách - town monument zone. The homes constitute a classic example of the tradition of wooden folk architecture which is visible throughout the entire region and all over the Eagle Mountains. This involves timbered burgess’ houses, timbered cottages, churches and chapels scattered around the surrounding slopes. The group of houses...
    Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách
  • basket Anna observation tower
    Anna observation tower. Wooden observation tower on Anensky Peak in the Orlicky Mountains, reaching 17 m in height. The columns of formed from larch selected from the forests around Rychnov nad Kněžnou and the resting platforms are made from oak.
    Address: Říčky v Orlických horách
  • basket Skuhrov nad Bělou - ruins with wood observation tower
    Skuhrov nad Bělou - ruins with wood observation tower. Skuhrov Castle looms on a rock projection that is inaccessible from three sides; the purpose of the castle was to guard the trade route to Kladsko. From two modest remnants of castle ruins it is possible to estimate that the castle was composed of two continuous sections. The castle was connected to...
    Address: Skuhrov nad Bělou
  • basket Villa Nova Uhřínov - archaeological heritage village
    Villa Nova Uhřínov - archaeological heritage village. The outdoor folk museum is both a faithful copy of a Czech medieval village (12th – 14th century) and a centre for experimental archaeology. The main goal of the project is the construction of a medieval outdoor folk museum while respecting all principles of archaeological experimentation, i.e. that...
    Telephone: 496663139, 734421636
    Address: Liberk, Uhřínov
  • basket Výhledna - viewing point
    Výhledna - viewing point. The viewing platform is located on the hill of the Calvary at an altitude of 460 m a.s.l. If the weather is nice, from this place you can see the whole ridge of the Eagle Mountains, Králický Sněžník massif, Beech Mountain and if you are really lucky you can even see the Giant Mountains on the left horizon...
    Address: Dlouhoňovice
  • basket Žampach - castle ruins
    Žampach - castle ruins. The original castle was built in the 2nd half of the 13th century; during the Thirty Years War it was plundered a number of times and subsequently fell into disrepair. On the sides of the site today are traces of farmstead buildings, the barrel vaulted cellar of the palace, and remnants of the entrance...
    Address: Žampach
  • basket Land gate - Nature reservation
    Land gate - Nature reservation. A protected nature preserve with rich flora, a favourite destination, and a romantic valley – Zemská brána is all of these, and is also the place where the Divoká Orlice River enters Bohemia. The narrow boulder riverbed is lined with striking gneiss cliffs in a segment that is several hundred metres...
  • basket Brandýs nad Orlicí - town monument zone
  • basket Česká Třebová - town monument zone
  • basket Choceň
    Choceň. Address: Choceň
  • basket Dobruška - town monument zone
    Dobruška - town monument zone. Address: Dobruška
  • basket Jablonné nad Orlicí - town monument zone
  • basket Kostelec nad Orlicí
  • basket Letohrad - town monument zone
    Letohrad - town monument zone. Address: Letohrad
  • basket The Museum of Needlework in Vamberk
    The Museum of Needlework in Vamberk.
    Telephone: 494541518
    Address: Husovo náměstí 88, Vamberk
  • basket Rychnov nad Kněžnou - town monument zone
  • basket Ústí nad Orlicí - town monument zone
  • basket Žamberk - town monument zone
    Žamberk - town monument zone. Address: Žamberk
  • basket Buková hora - peak
    Buková hora - peak. Address: Čenkovice
  • basket (Neratovské louky) - nature preserve
    (Neratovské louky) - nature preserve. Address:
  • basket (Pěticestí)
    (Pěticestí). Address: Zdobnice
  • basket Čenkovice
    Address: Čenkovice
  • basket Deštné v Orlických horách
  • basket Klášterec nad Orlicí
  • basket Říčky v Orlických horách
  • basket Zdobnice
    Zdobnice. Address: Zdobnice
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